Wait the cast of Kiva can sing??

In light of my renewed interest in Kamen rider ( and some of their merchandise 😛 and partly due to all those Kamen rider bloggers out there ), I stumbled upon something very interesting about Kiva…

Wait…Kouji can actually sing?!!! And not too bad I must say haha…but the biggest surprise for me has got to be the actor who played Jiro…..

He awesome lol!!! Rock on!!

Just a short post today on this little random find 😛

Till the next post!


37 thoughts on “Wait the cast of Kiva can sing??

  1. well they might be actually singers aside from being actors like Takashi Sorimachi who played Eickichi Onizuka on the live action of GTO,

    • Same here man! I was like wow..really impressed with their singing! But of all people i didn’t expect the actor who played Jiro to do that 😛

  2. The fact that Kouji can sing is actually kinda expected since he participated the Prince of Tennis Musical. Funny thing is, Masahiro inoue (Tsukasa in Decade) had worse music even though he also participated in the Prince of Tennis Musical ;^^

    while I complained about lots of stuff regarding Kiva, their songs aren’t one of them 😀
    I really liked their songs, and Supernova is IMO one of the better battle theme music.

    I’m even surprised that Asou and Otoya’s song (Feel The Same & This Love Never Ends) were both great!
    And pretty much every single of the good guys had at least one song on the Inherited System album XD

    • Wow thanks for that background info on Kouji! I didn’t catch prince of tennis though 😛 Actually I quite like the flash back to the past stories and yes, the songs are awesome!! Couldn’t agree more with you on Supernova man! Rock on !!

    • The awesomeness of Nago San!!!! Haha that vid was damn funny!! I’ll be damn hard press to keep a straight face doing that exercise!

  3. Wow…. though I’m not surprise if they also love to masturbate and some frequent fingering…. maybe they are “Lolicon” type… LOL… many things that we don’t know but we shall not be surprise… hahahahaha

    • oH I haven’t check those 2 out! I did catch a few episodes of decade 😛 (Sorry still slow to kamen rider series ^^;)

  4. Yea… one of the least things you have to worry about the main cast of a KR series is whether they can sing or not since they almost always hire singers/models. The biggest concern is whether they can act actually ^^;.

    KR is very much like Gundam in the media… they have each main character sing image songs and stuff like that. Decade’s “Ride the Wind” and W’s “Finger on the Trigger” are both great songs as well 😀

    • Haha so right on the acting part! Some of them do look really stiff on screen!

      I haven’t really get to hearing these songs yet though 😛 But I can’t imagine the Voice actor for amuro doing a song haha 😛

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