Keroro gets an upgrade!

Keroro hasn’t been featured for quite sometime on the blog so looking through my stash of unbuilt keropla I dig out this Musha Kerorobo that I got during a sale for $8!!! Time for some Keroro love on this blog πŸ˜› Keropla to me is more of a fun relax build when I want to take a break from working on big projects ^^ Just simply snap, place the stickers and do a bit of painting with gundam markers to get the job done!

This is the Musha Kero Robo straight assembled from the box!

Comes with a really cool looking rider this time! So much better than Kero Robo Mark II!! Plus I love the Musha version of Keroro! So much more detailed hehe!

The cockpit is fairly detailed as well!

Well gonna be working on this guy during my breaks hehe! I think Keroro seriously needs and upgrade after all the abuse I gave him last time haha. So what kits do you guys like to work on for that simple build once in a while?

Till the next post!! Keroooooo!!!



41 thoughts on “Keroro gets an upgrade!

  1. I’ve never really paid much attention to Kero before I discovered your blog but I’m beginning to like this guy. I might order something from HLJ this Christmas! πŸ˜€
    I think I saw a purple version of him.

    • Ah that purple version is one of the evil fractions from his group! You might want to check out the GFF versions of keroro! Haha looking forward to your first Keropla! I don’t see many people collect this locally though.

    • I know what you meant by that! Sometimes even when I just think of snap building somehow thoughts on painting and modding just stream through lol….

      I never ever thought of build MGs as easy though haha!

  2. Similarly, I also prefer the design of musha-style to the modern futuristic robo-style. By the way, saw the price tag that it was from toys’r’us. Which branch did it got it from? and what were the other keroro series available?

    • Ah I got it from the Toy R Us branch at Vivo City last year. Giroro and Tamama was also available back then. Don’t think they have it now already.

      Musha styling is very nice haha! There is this new pirate version that is growing on me πŸ˜›

  3. sweet! this upgrade is sure to make Kero forget all the abuse he has received up to date, but it prolly also sets him up to receive more in the future lol

    dont have anything simple to build atm, all my kits are in progress and a new learning experience.

    • Buahah!! You are so right on that setup for more abuse πŸ˜› But at least this one looks tougher πŸ˜›

      Your kiva is probably your biggest project man! Can’t wait to see your updates on that!!

    • Haha I went through your old post and I saw you had the set of keroro cards!! That is sweet!

      Somehow I am hoping they release the super sentai version in keropla form!!

  4. That’s a great buy there! I remember getting it for 10+ bucks before, should have wait a little longer. ^^;
    The Chou KaiOh King Keroro Robo looks pretty bad ass too and it’s worth considering to get. Kero! πŸ˜€

    • Haha I am waiting for sales period to acquire the new series πŸ˜› But i am very tempted with the full pirate ship set though ^^

  5. keroro’s gattai is much much better looking than that of those recent power rangers/super sentai gattai. they never design them like they used to anymore. LOL

  6. Haha actually there are some good sentai designs that I like from Geki ranger ^^ and the zord from Might Morphin Power Rangers. Keroro’s gattai reminds me of voltron in some ways with the five different colors πŸ˜›

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