The Red Comet is coming…

Good news for all gundam fans in Singapore! I just got this news off from Leon(Openthetoy) who posted this yesterday night! Gundam Unicorn Episode 2: The Red Comet is hitting our shores!

Some of the details that I got from Leon’s site

“How to get the tickets?
Simply purchase Gundam Model Kits from 19th to 29th October only at BHG Bugis Toy Department . 1 Free ticket with every $30 worth of Gundam Model kits. *Example if you buy $99.95, you get 3 Tickets!

If the customer is a Children under 12 years old, 1 pair of tickets can be redeem. Redemption only start after 20 October 2010. First come, first served.”

(As for the Children under 12, I am not too sure what they meant by being entitled to 2 tickets. Probably I’ll check it out myself when I hit Bugis during lunch with BHG itself tommorrow)

“In line with the movie screening, there will be a Pre-order Limited edition HGUC 1/144 Unicorn Gundam [ Destroy Mode ] Movie Limited NT-D Pearl Clear Ver sell at SGD $38.95 limited to 100 pieces.

This limited edition model kit will only be available for collection on 30 October 2010 at the screening day. This item is only available on sale when there is Gundam Unicorn Screening and will available after 30th October.”

(Again I try to get off more details on this. Most likely you’ll have to preorder at the counter)

Having caught the first episode on the big screen for Unicorn it is an opportunity not to be missed! Plus if you are watching with other fans, trust me the experience is even better haha! I even got to know other fellow bloggers like Leon and Dennis (plus some inside joke about Laplace box :P) Compared to the previous screening, this time round we just have to get about $30 worth of gunpla kits to get the ticket which is so much more accessible!

Oh one more awesome thing….we’ll get to see that friggin PG Strike Freedom on display that day!!!

Just curious to hear your thoughts on something that I am pondering. If they ever screen the Unicorn or Gundam 00 movie on the big screen do you it will feasible? So far the most successful one that I have seen so far is Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0 which got screened last year opened to the public.


26 thoughts on “The Red Comet is coming…

  1. At my area… don’t to dream/think about it… Let’s just say they haven’t reached that level of “enlightenment”. Yet (if ever).

    Master Sparking my area is a good idea. >D

    • Oh my…master sparking…..

      I hope in the future they can really bring it out to the whole of the Asean region and not just singapore….maybe your marisa can give them the enlightenment they need!!

    • Ah man…..can it be due to the market size there in Brunei?

      At least HAG here stocks some of those limited items. Think you can get them when you visit singapore sometime again!

  2. Woohoo! Saw this news over at Leon’s blog last night! I must say, this time only need to spend 30 bucks, rather than 100 bucks last time. I may give this a shot….

    • The 30 dollars to qualify for the tickets is really a good move from the organizers! At least this time round its more accessible!

      Whoa if you are heading there then probably can meet up. Me, Leon and Bmecha will be going too πŸ˜›

  3. congratulations for all the fellows over there, enjoy the show on big screen! XD

    at my place we usually never get any anime movie released.
    at most we got are the Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0, but they got released right after the DVD release, which makes them pointless and suspicious <_<

    • Hmm….so the movie is screened after the DVD is released….oh my…

      But I did catch both Evangelion 1.0 on screen and on DVD…on the big screen it is so much more enjoyable when you have all the anime fans there laughing and cheering together!

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