Some updates

I have been working on the SD Sangokuden Yuan Shu in between those little snap fits. No mods were done except the sharpening of the spikes which took me a good day or two! Removed most of Β the seamlines for this kit so not much I can really show in terms of wip for this kit ^^. Gave it a spray of the good old primer and quite happy with the overall look! Will be handpainting this kit these couple of days so pictures will be up by the weekend if things goes as plan!

And I also finished my RG RX78!!! I don’t like putting those decals, felt that too much details spoil the whole look of the RX78. I prefer him clean and I like just having the panel lines shown instead. This kit is choked full of panel lines and more detail that I can ever ask for. I gave it a similar treatment like my G30th Rx 78, just sand and sand all parts.

Now my RG Rx78 will be the official guardian of my workdesk πŸ˜›

Have a great week ahead! I am so looking forward to next week for the unicorn screening!

Till the next post!


39 thoughts on “Some updates

    • Woah thanks!! Haha actually I am just lazy to put the decals lol!! Nah just kidding πŸ˜›

      Personally its already very detailed to begin with! Too much of a good thing spoils it ^^

  1. Ah I know what you mean, that central grey piece running through the thigh area πŸ˜› (Its still a sexy thigh no doubt haha!!_

    Thanks man!

  2. Hoho, recieved my RG RX-78-2 just a few days ago and have been slowly and carefully assembling it since. Loving the intricate detail, damn inpressive for such a small kit.

    • Haha thats the beauty of this kit! Its the process of building up the RG bit by bit and enjoying all the details while assembling thats the most rewarding! Bandai really went all out for this kit!

  3. so Yuan Shu is what you’ve been talking about last time.. haha I see what you mean about the painting that you will be most careful of.. haha good luck…

    If RG is the guard of your work area… MG RX-78-2 2.0 is the guard of my PC area.. plus backup from SD Dendrobium hahaha

    • What i like about this model is that the arms have really good articulation!

      Ah but you are right about it being a bit short compared to the rest haha!!

    • Yep its a bad guy alright! I got it cos of the scythe πŸ˜›

      Oh I didn’t top coat. All I did was sand all the pieces with 600 grit sanding sponge after doing the panel lining. Its the sanding that took me most of the time haha…

    • Thanks bro! Haha couldn’t agree with you more on that!

      Ah what i did was panel line, cleaned it up with tissue and then sand with a 600 grit sanding sponge πŸ™‚ Gives the white and grey parts a very matt look after sanding.

  4. Need to start putting the decals on my RG ;^^
    especially with the RG Zaku coming and all.

    I see you didn’t put the bronze decal on the elbows.
    mine is getting loose all the time 😦

    • Haha thats the hardest part of the RG πŸ˜›

      Ah I did try putting but it started to peel off at the sides so I decided to remove them. Actually kinda looks better without the bronze decals πŸ˜›

  5. something about seeing primed kits really appeal to me, it just looks smooth and like a statue lol

    RG RX78 does look classy without the decals, and no sawed off blaster rifle for this RX78! πŸ˜›

  6. Haha and nice to the touch also!!

    Hehe nope! This time no over zealous sanding πŸ˜› If not i’ll end up with half the RG haha!!

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