On the desk of Chubbs Oct 12th 2010

Just to let you guys in on some little snap fitting that I have been doing these past few quiet days. Been training up a bit on ladder for Starcraft 2 during the weekends and doing some short exercises to combat the ever growing mid section. Seems like I am not the only one getting pregnant in the house! In between watching sappy korean dramas with my wife and a certain Taiwanese Singing competition (Bmecha will know which one I am talking about ^^), I managed to snap fit a few kits for the upcoming months ahead. First up is the awesome Raphael Gundam. To be frank I wasn’t really fond of this mech when it was shown, but his debut fight in the show to rescue Setstuna from that mindraep session from the ELS was one of my favorite moments from the Gundam 00 Movie!! Had tons of fun assembling this kit and lots of interesting stuffs you can play with those detachable claws!!

And a lovely gift from my mom who actually got me the HGUC Delta from the fiesta during my birthday last month. Thank you so much mom you rock!! I only snap fit so far, no panel lines as such and yet its an absolutely sleek grey mayhem sitting on my desk ^^ I often pause during the snap fit to admire the design. So far this guy comes a second as my favorite design besides Sinanju from the Unicorn Series so far. But I have some small issues with the shield though it keeps dropping off…but maybe a dash of glue to seal it up later πŸ˜›

Of course not forgetting the few SDs that I got also from the Gundam Fiesta. I quickly put up a few. I just love this line of gunpla a lot. Small size but heavy on details. Just got to love the dragon visor on Shin Kuan Yu.

And my next material for the upcoming mod of the week will be the new Ryubi. This is way better than its predecessor and for those who are sharp eye, you might already noticed I have already done a certain mod hehe….

And not forgetting my favorite frog Keroro in his Afro form πŸ˜› Makes me chuckle whenever I seem him on the desk after a long day of work!!! Just one of those kits that you can take joy snap fitting and displaying on your table straight!!

Well Keroro having his moment there!!

Just some little updates from my desk here ^^. And I am quite stoked for a certain MG in December( Thanks to those High Res pictures from Gundam Guy!) and I rarely touch MGs!!

Have a great week ahead!!

53 thoughts on “On the desk of Chubbs Oct 12th 2010

  1. my mum texted me to stop with this GANDAM things (yeap, she said it like that) now that I have my baby girl growing up, meaning: buying diapers instead of tools & paint, and buying baby milk instead of gundam kits…

    Lets see how I can manage to do both! haha!!

    • I do get that from my grandma though. When ever she sees me hauling my hobby stuff out (even if its just used boxes) she will just nag at me lol….gunpla is a very important part of my life. No one is gonna tell me to stop or not even if its my grandma lol πŸ˜› But definitely need to rein in on expenditure, diapers can be expensive!!

      Definitely we can find a way to make both work!

      • Whoa Marute?? Damn 6 eye is sexy!!! Hopefully I have enough funds after MG Quanta πŸ˜› for the new upcoming HG kits from the movie….I want graham’s suit!!

    • Raphael can definitely give G gundam a run for his money πŸ˜› Haha you are sharp man! Sorry no prizes this time but i’ll do one contest next time for sharp eye ppl like you ^^

  2. wow you’ve built some nice kits there and what I wanted most from this post is the Delta +… though I’m not fond of dark or gray suits, but i do like the idea of a transforming 百式…

    will save up for that guy after….. I dunno hahaha

  3. An expanding midsection is a ‘growing’ problem for us man. I want to be lean by the time our kid is born πŸ™‚ Get out for a jog in between those Korean TV shows πŸ˜› and lol @ afro Kero! πŸ˜€

    • Haha well with fatherhood responsibilities coming up the mid section problem will still continue lol! I am contemplating on getting a bicycle for an evening ride!

      You definitely need to get him on your desk my friend! He is just too awesome to pass up!

  4. Delta Plus is just being his usual awesome self. The angle from which you took the pic of Ryubi Gundam makes the head damn gorgeous. It’s like keita worked his magic on it or something.

    • Wow awesome comment man! So I can do keita stuff by shooting at a certain angle haha!!

      Delta looks damn good straight from the box. With Rezel MG being released i think an MG Delta might not be far off!

  5. you mom is so cool to get you that gift! πŸ˜€ i like the Ryubi SD design and afro gunso is just plain hilarious lol i was close to buying the whole keropla character set last month ^^;

    im still havent gotten used to the new OO gundam designs but that MG is looking very very good.

    • Oh my…the whole keropla set?? OMG lol they will work wonders with your Nendos haha!! Especially since your Keroro went through quite a fair bit last year πŸ˜› This version of Ryubi is much better than the first version!

      Hehe, the more those pictures come out the more our appetites are whetted!!

  6. Happy late birthday Chubbybots woah so your born on september also πŸ˜€ .That afro keroro is so awesome πŸ˜€
    Looking forward that ryuubi gundam,I out of idea mod that one and just end paint it glow.

    • Hehe Afro Keroro is very nice πŸ˜› Too bad I misplaced his other set of eyes! Makes him look very evil haha!

      Oh glowing paint. I saw that on someone’s blog before, very nice! Maybe it might work on some of the armor parts we shall see…hehe..

  7. πŸ˜€ enjoying Starlight runway singing contest?

    I haven’t get my delta plus… gerrr… quite broke lately… but i just bought the SD VF25 :p no photo yet.

  8. Really awesome kits there! I hope to get my hands on the Raphael soon ^^ I have the Ryusou Ryuubi and the Ogarasou KanU too. Those two are awesome kits and a must get for SD fans! πŸ™‚
    Unfortunately. I’m missing out the Kero Punchii!! Gotta get it someday too πŸ˜€

    • Heh thanks!! Hope you get your Raphael soon too!! Those 2 SDs is a must get from the Sangokuden sEries!!

      Ah if you see Afro Keroro quickly grab! I don’t think there is much stock left!!

  9. Wah, ninja builds! Looks like your non-single life hasn’t dulled your time to build Gunpla much! =)

    Yeah, I’m also anticipating that MG… which you know already. Haha.

    • Hehe I think that MG is on a lot of ppl’s buy list πŸ˜› Nah single or not i’ll still build gunpla! I’ll be a mindless drone without this hobby!

  10. Nice keroro-pla there you’ve got. Where did you purchase it? I’m trying to look for older keroro-pla kits in SG.

    As for the Ryubi, I’ll be making a wild guess since I still don’t see it. I’m guessing elbow and knee joints mods? Any hints?

    • I got those at Tiong Bahru Hobby Point. I think they still have some of the older Keroro pla kits ^^

      Hehe you got one of them right! Yep I did an elbow mod which I think is a vast improvement from my previous attempt!!

  11. Love the SD gundams ^^. But when I see them it seems a bit odd to me without their black outlines and pupils ^^;;. Other than that it’s very detailed on their design. Nice Kero punchii effect ^^. Did you do it on photoshop?

    • Oh i did that using photoscape actually πŸ˜› Much easier to edit!!

      These are just only snap fitted that is why they are not lined yet at the moment ^^

  12. Maybe we can consider to be a part time amateur wedding photographer to get extra income for the toys and gunpla hobby LOL…. though I would prefer to get some opportunity to be in the Japan porn industry… being as one of the star is not that bad either – we get both sexual and financial benefits hahahahahaha……

    • Wow, nice choice of industry there bro lol!!! I don’t mind playing some extras if they need πŸ˜› Both a visual and sensational reward lol!!

    • Woah cool! I’ll add you when I get back home tonight! Been busy these few days with my family πŸ˜› Mine is chubbybots 491 but i only play asian server since most of my friends are there!

      Haha Keroro is wicked cool! I am waiting for a discount on his pirate ship box!!

  13. The Delta plus has a cool design, especially its Waverider form. Some people don’t seem to like the simple colour scheme as it’s dull, but I like it being not so flamboyant and down to the ground. Too bad transformations is part swapping like Zeta and ReZEL. I still need to look into how transformations on GFFN ReZEL works as no extra/leftover parts involved.

    • Actually I played around and I find it looks better when its in waverider form haha πŸ˜› I prefer part swapping than complex transformation gimmick, makes for a more sturdier transformation! But I am curious as to the MG Rezel’s transformation though haha!!

    • hAHA well keroro just looks cute no matter which angle πŸ˜› Actually it was a surprise for me as well to find that gift from my mom!

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