3 inches of terror!!

Measuring 3 inches tall and weighing 50grams, I present Chubzilla! The terror of the working table top.

If you leave any unwanted thrash on the table, he gets really angry!!

He tears through plastic like paper!!

Hope you guys enjoy this little short lunch time photography ^^. Just one of the odd little collections that I have on my office table πŸ˜›

Have a great weekend ahead!


40 thoughts on “3 inches of terror!!

    • Haha yep, today is quite quiet! But i don’t think I have yet to experiment on a dictionary though. Maybe if he does it page by page πŸ˜›

  1. The way u describe Chubzilla is kinda similar to my GF:

    “If I leave any unwanted thrash on the table, she gets really angry!!”
    “She tears through plastic like paper!!” <<< no doubt of this

    • Ah Leon this is from the Trexi 3″ goon line πŸ˜› Since play imaginative now is having that offer I think i might grab a few more πŸ˜›

  2. Oh God… I better all my paper-based thing at my table… Wait… All I have is a bunch of loonies who are desperate for a monster to kill… *looks at Marisa*

    Marisa: Ze. =D

    • I think Chubzilla shold start running instead if Marisa is around…

      SHE will own Chubzilla like laser through hot butter πŸ˜›

    • Haha chubzilla can always help me tear down those unwanted pieces of paper and stuffs πŸ˜›

      My desk has some other stuffs that i’ll probably show from time to time hehe ^^

    • Heh thanks!! Haha I have a soft spot for these funky toys πŸ˜› One thing I love is that they looks so good on camera and easy to take around for impulse shooting ^^

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