Gundam 00 movie : Battle intense trailer!!

Thanks to Gundam Guy for showing this video through his facebook account. This is by far the most intense trailer for the movie!! Man can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD when its out!!! And check out Zanbanya having his strike freedom moment!

Just a short post from me today!

Keep the gunpla spirit burning!


30 thoughts on “Gundam 00 movie : Battle intense trailer!!

  1. JESUS YAMATO! This is my first time watching a trailer for the 00 movie and damnnnn… I’ve never seen so many beams flying around since SEED Destiny. Again… Hallelujah ROCKS!

    • Haha ya man…makes me wonder why i didn’t go and see the movie again!! ARghg!!! Looks like i’ll have to wait patiently for the DVD to come out!

  2. November… Just one more month and I can finally watch it on cinema in Hong Kong. I am still shocked that Singaporeans get to watch it on the same date as Japan o_o;;;

    Ah well at least I WILL get to watch it in cinema, that’s a big assurance to me already, since many will have to wait for longer until DVD/Blue-Ray comes out. I’ve got my sister to start and catch up before the movie comes out XD

    • Man…I am so envious. I’ll rather wait for it to be screen on a cinema instead of a lecture theatre… doesn’t do justice to the effects and incredible fight scenes!

      Woah trying to indoctrinate your sister on this series haha! I can’t wait to lay my hands on the DVD

  3. They are showing this movie tommorrow at the New York Anime Festival 2010…. Oh man I want to watch the movie so bad… And I hear that the MG 00 Qan will be on display there too.

    • Oh man!!! You get to see the actual MG Quant on display!! Thats awesome!!!

      Do share your thoughts on the movie bro after the movie!

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