The ending of a great blog….

I just pop over to Ngee Khiong today for my daily poisonous news on gunpla less the chatbox. I was stunned to find out that Ngee Khiong will be closing down his blog. He did gave his reason as to closing the block due to his disappointment with the current state of the gunpla community.

All I want to say is, thank you Ngee Khiong for giving us all those great toy news all these years and all the best on your own future projects from here then. You will be sorely missed! Have you guys ever thought of closing down your own blogs at any point during your blogging life thus far?

If I did ever go, i’ll probably send my wip kits to close readers of this blog haha ^^

Keep the passion flaming!


44 thoughts on “The ending of a great blog….

  1. I was really surprised also. But he’s providing a great service for free, just like Gunota Headlines did last time. I’ll do an entry to “raise awareness” too.

    • Yep, very surprised. I was thinking he will only close down the chat but not the entire blog! Its a shame though..all those years of blogging wasted and succumbing to those things the he mentioned in his post.

    • Haha the kits sending won’t be so soon at least for now hehe!!!

      Its a great loss man, haiz looks like one less site for me to visit. But heh there is at least Gundam Guy’s Blog and Gunjap to check out those gunpla releases!

  2. It’s a real shame that the blog has to close. What really bothered me was his reason for doing so, I mean many people who make up the gunpla community are strong and supportive for one another so it’s a real shocker to hear that he’s dissapointed with the community.

    • Ah yes, when i read his reasons for closing down, my reaction was the same as yours. But guess we will only know the true reasons when he blogs about it in his concluding post. Probably he gets more exposure to the gundam community since his blog is very popular and he has seen things that irk him.

      Hope he can still keep the gunpla spirit burning in him even if he is not blogging. I love reading his Ngee Khiong Ex!

  3. I already lost passion on Gunpla since last year, don’t know what i should say about no feeling anymore for new gunpla release.
    as for disappointing with gunpla community well the only community I saw they just did(and still) cold war between TT Hongli VS Bandai and they just bash each other šŸ˜¦ and the other one was on Ngeekhiong’s Cbox that I don’t even bother to read anymore since months ago.

    but yeah I will miss him a lot I just hope he won’t close NgeekhiongEX also ?

    • Ah I didn’t follow most of the discussion in the gunpla community. Ngee Khiong Cbox was practically troll heaven…so many trolls there! I just love gunpla but to argue over whose better or whatsoever is really killing this hobby. I just love the hobby for what it is, to build little mobile suits that I can ogle over on my desk haha.

      I hope he continues with Ngeekhiong Ex!! Its amazing with all the little detailing that he does even for straight builds!

      • I’m amazed you guys even read the chat box. It has been a meaningless thing ages ago…

        no point arguing which brand is better. It is your money so spend it on the things you like šŸ™‚

          • @ B-mecha Haha well i do take a slight peek sometime, read and laugh abit šŸ˜› Whole heartedly agree with you on no point arguing which series is better haha, if its something I like just buy šŸ˜›

            @ ZD Hehe you are quite a frequent visitor there!

  4. Yea I was also going for my daily fix of G-news then I read his message… then I was horrified. Such a great guy. He will indeed be missed. I’ll wait for his formal ending post before I give him a farewell post. I would like to hear his thoughts…

    • Yep same sentiments Z. I’ll like to find out more and delve deeper as to what bother him. Didn’t know he was so disappointed with the gunpla community. He did pay a visit recently to Singapore and my fellow blogger friend from open the toy even did and interview with him…and man can’t believe Ngee Khiong is closed today..

  5. its sad. ive thought about it closing my blog too but i cant say i support his reasons. he still loves gunpla and he still has time but its just the community is bothering him. i dont get it really. guess we just have to wait and see

    • Same here, i was nearly at that stage recently haha but I love the bonds and people i knew through this blog so it kinda pulled me back. Then again, hope he can continue blogging on what he loves through Ngee Khiong Ex instead!

  6. I was really stunned to read about it too. It has been a really great 3 years reading his blog for all the updates in the Gundam world. And well, I kinda agree to his thoughts on the current state of the gunpla community and I hope something would change that.

    • I never really gave much thought as to what people though about a certain mech. If I love it I’ll just grab it šŸ˜› But getting bombarded with all those daily mails like Ngee Khiong must have taken a toil on him. But luckily he is keeping his Ngee Khiong EX!!

  7. I also read this last night… though I never posted any comments on his blog, and his WIP blog, I was saddened by his post, as he keeps me and my friends updated on what kit we should be looking forward to.

    and yes I’m confused with what disappointed him on the gunpla community, for I thought he was having the time of his life with his blog, lets all do wait on his final words on his blog

    • Ah he finally posted his concluding thoughts. Still trying to digest what he is saying….that was like a good half an hour of reading. The dark side of popularity caught up with him…all those hate mail and oh side with me mail…..I’ll freak out if I ever reach that stage!!

  8. I can’t say a thing here, with Ngee Khiong Shutting down, ours still move on, it’s sad that the community are not opening their eyes to our side, what we do, what we feel… This is our realm.

    • Nah Syful bro, as recent daddies (lol) things will never always stay the same. We just do what we love doing! Making gunpla and making nice little stories out of them!

  9. I gonna miss Ngee Khiong blog T_T even I in the toilet still check his toy news. Without his blog, i won’t be able to know any latest toy release or inside news about toys. It’s might be good for me, so i can’t keep pre-order toys haha.. Pros and cons.

    I think i will slowly quit on collecting toys, but i didn’t expected it’s come so fast. It is the time for me to move on to more important things.

    We should respect Ngee Khiong decision, I have some words for him, seems his have remove his chat box, will post more in my blog.

    “Hi Ngee Khiong, thank you for all your hard work, Thank you and Good Luck!”

    • Speaking on moving on from toys, guess priorities got to change as we progress through life! But for me, playing with toys has always been in my blood and its something that i’ll never let go. Gundam might not be the main focus in the future but probably a splash of my own son’s toys haha. Probably review it like what my fellow blogger Dennis is doing šŸ˜›

      At least now with less news i can keep my spending a bit under control šŸ˜›

  10. It’s sad to know that Ngee Khiong is not closing the blog because of life issues, but rather because of how he is “extremely disappointed with the development of the Gundam and Gunpla community”. I know how the Internet has all sorts of people, but I think he has taken it a bit personal too about what has been going on around, inside or outside his blog regarding the hobby he has been keen to share info with us.

    But nevertheless, instead of remorse we should indeed show respect of his decision, and thank him of the news he has provided us for all these years. I will quite likely write a post about this as well later on, since there’s a lot to talk about this issue regarding what has become of the community. A pity that things have to end this way, but it also serves as a lesson as well I think.

    • For him to close his blog down due to his disappointment on the community is a sad state on the current situation. If I ever keep getting hate mail for just simply posting just purely information for the gunpla community, that will hurt a lot. Its human psychology to remember the more negative stuff rather than the positive stuff people mention and day in day out…that will take a toil on that poor man’s soul..

      But I am glad that he will still be maintaining his Ngee Khiong Ex in the end!

  11. It is truly a sad day for a blogger as great as NK to close down his blog. I’ve always respected the guy for being so dedicated to his love for hobbies. He inspired me on many levels, and I wish him all the best.

    For whatever reason he has for shutting down his blog, I hope everyone would respect him and appreciate all that he ‘freely’ done for us. He shall be missed.

    As NK picked up the mantle when Gunota Headlines was shut down, I hope another great blogger would rise up to the challenge to keep the fire burning. I thnk Gunjap is currently one of the best candidate… I actually saw him putting in much more effort with his latest updates than usual. A successor in the making… =)

    Gunpla on bros!!

    • To be honest it is very tiring to blog like him while having a full time job (as I know he is a lecturer in college). Such frequent update is usually done by multiple author.

      He might be experiencing burnout, it is the time for him to rest so he won’t drop gunpla forever.

      I’ll probably go for Gunjap now. Or read from other forums šŸ™‚

    • Haha actually GG, you know what, I have been telling other ppl that a perfect candidate will actually be you! Thanks for all those updates on facebook! Plus its easier to comment on releases since you post it up there šŸ˜›

      I remember you taking a break last year for almost a few months but glad you came back with a fiery!

      Gunpla on bro!

      • Thanks for thinking of me as a candidate, but I must digress. haha I have a full time job, and a hobby side business to run, and a blog + facebook to maintain. I don’t think I could post 2000 posts a month. LOL


        • Lol I don’t think there will be 2000 posts a month unless you also intend to cover nendoroids, figures and revoltechs haha!!! You seem mighty well able to cope with so many things at once bro!!

    • Ah…..hopefully there can be a really double quanta…need to spam those GN particles and have everyone understand each other!!! (plus i can see cough*) certain ppl nekkid lol!! (DJ would love this!)

  12. it’s a bad news for many people in hobby world, not just gunpla either.

    now we have to search the news from Japanese forums ourselves.
    well, I think we are to dependent to him over these past few years…

    for closing down own blog, I’ve closed down 3 blogs till now, mostly because of no readers/comments… I really need them for encouragement to write more. I even trilled how Ngeekhiong could continue even without a single comment for these time

    • He did have comments when it was still available for commenting but he closed it down due to lots of spammers and whinning. And then he had a C box and then the same thing happen. He did a very good job of giving us info though its sad that he won’t be updating that anymore but at least now he can really enjoy gunpla on his NG Ex!

      I think you have done a great job on your blog man so far! Keep it up!

  13. He will be missed, just like Gunota Headlines. It’s really commendable how he manage to keep us updated with the latest news by searching through the web and compile them together at one place. I visit his site several times a day for the latest update.

    And like many others, I thought he was only going to close down the chatbox. The plan to close everything came as a surprise to me since he mentioned he was going to hold on for another 6months till March next year. I’m keen to hear about his reasons for being so disappointed with the gunpla community. I do hope that he could give a guest post of some sort once in a blue moon though.

  14. He finally posted his final leaving message…its a very long one haha but I am glad he is not closing Ng Ex!

    For us just to post something like a post a week is already very taxing…and he can do that several times in a day!!! Sometimes I wonder if I can keep up the blog with more real life issues, at times I am just damn lazy to do a photoshoot on my completed kits or wip!

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