Taking a break

(This barbecue pic is kindly taken from Hobbynotoriko)

Have to apologize for the lack of updates recently. Took a much needed break from everything to recharge. As some of you might notice, I don’t even log on into my facebook account that often. Trying to slow things down and re prioritize what I want out of my life and hobby.

For those close friends of mine, some of them already have gotten the news that I’ll be a Dad come February. This alone brings a lot of changes to the table, budget wise toy expenditure will have to come down in exchange for diapers and visits to the doctors, less time for gaming and blogging…

I haven’t make much progress in my family business, felt that I stopped growing this year not only professionally but also income wise. The only thing that seems to be growing is workload lol…. Gunpla wise, I can’t seem to finish anything…tons of WIPs but lack of completed kits. Somehow I can’t seem to draw up the will to finish them..

So in the mean time, I’ll be retreating to some weird mountain andΒ  meditate, a few cups of can coffee to go along and some long hours killing Zergs in starcraft 2. I don’t know when I’ll be back but I’ll still pop by everyone’s blogs now and then.

Till the next post.


70 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. Congratulations in advance. =D

    Having a kid means… a lot of budget and time reshuffling needed to be done.
    *glares at unopened boxes* +_+

    … but still have time to kill Zergs… waitaminute~!
    *deploys four Gradius-like options*

    • Wow congratulations to you and your wife too!! I am quite excited but also have to deal with the new responsibilities of fatherhood πŸ™‚

    • haha now that can be quite a nice suggestion lol!!! I have my astray red frame that I can send πŸ˜› Just kidding!

      hehe Chubbs 2.0 coming out! Hope he won’t be as chubby as me though πŸ˜›

  2. You will be missed, but don’t worry, Shewsbury Land always have pervert parody and we try our best to mention your name in them LOL…. take your time man, have a long break if necessary, there is more to life than our hobby stuff…. hope you will continue to make lot’s of healthy strong baby… LOL… in life as it is in sex and business, things can change quickly and we have to deal with it… send my regards to your wife… cheers…

  3. Is the picture from Hobby no Toriko? That reminds me that I need to do a post on my 10 Balls… Though it may mean I will have to find 10 bases to pose them… Either buy 10 gunpla action bases, or somehow find 10 figma stands as an alternative choice.

    Taking a break is essential! Getting burnt up won’t do good for sure, come back recharged with a bang when you are ready!

    Oh yes you’re playing StarCraft 2? If you can access to NA server (cross-realm play should be unlocked by now) you can add me Qbicle, code 434. For some strange reasons I won’t get notified if you add me via character add, so give me a message if you see me online (or you can add me via email address then I’ll know you’ve added me as Read ID friend)!

    • @ Q Haha yep its from that site ^^. Ah your ten balls!! That will be quite a barbecue haha!!

      Ah cool i’ll add you tonight when i play later! I’ll drop a message in your email or blog when I get it done. Its my work that is catching up on me…recently additional work load that is really taxing and by the time I head back to home after work my brain is pretty much zoned out 0_O!! So the only thing I can really do is just go for a jog and a short session of starcraft 2 instead haha.

  4. @ John haha thanks for the mentioning man! let the pervertness rein forever πŸ˜› Life can be really unpredictable like you mentioned! But I can always go to your blog for more perverted toy action haha!

    Thanks again for your well wishes again my friend!

  5. congratz chubbs.. reminds me of the conversation we had about responsibilities. ^^;
    and now that you are going to be a dad, major changes now are going your way so please do take your time and enjoy your new found pride and joy.

    maybe it’s about time to plan our “Fortress of Solitude”

    • ah that long talk we had on facebook! Haha well talk about being a dad soon!

      I won’t call it a fortress of solitude, i’ll just call it our toy room haha. Probably house both my kid’s and my toys!

      • hahaha thats a good name, “Toy Room” a perfect place for bonding with the kids,

        the next thing we know both the dad and the child will be posting WIPs on this blog soon. hahahaha!!!!

        now I’m thinking, will you be posting the baby WIPs? *just joking man. xD

        • Now as for WIPs of our kits later, that won’t be so soon till he can figure out how to handle a pair of scissors πŸ˜›

          But as for my son’s wip lol….that is top secret!!!

          • hahaha as I said *just joking…

            though you are taking a break I (and I guess all of us) we’ll be staying here for updates every now and then… and I will still tag to you the pics of BAKUC 2010 here on the Philippines, It’s going to happen on November 5-7 here so I’ll keep you posted

            • haha thanks bro for the updates and support! Will look forward to that!

              I’ll still be posting but at a slower pace but then again…i feel the itch is back for gunpla lol…

    • Daddy modeler club haha? I did think of closing down the blog but then again it pains me to do so. I’ll just keep it here for the moment ^^

  6. Congrats! Chubbybot gonna upgrade to chubbydad πŸ˜€

    Well you can always bug me from time to time. I might log in to fb less. so sms my mobile when you want to get me πŸ˜›

    • Ah i noticed that too. Same thing for me less facebook time and i stopped playing those fb games entirely. Need to focus on work to earn more for the family haha!

      I am very afraid of smsing you…lest you let me in on some fabulous toy sale!

  7. i take it operation wife cosplay worked out and in result, your soon to be a daddy πŸ˜› lol congrats man, this is huge news! keep us updated, wish you and your family the best. take all the time you need to refocus and prepare for the little one ^_^

    • Wife cosplay haha?? Hmm maybe as yoko for some fiery action πŸ˜› Thanks for all the well wishes man! Kinda of now trying to find which direction i should take, just like Maritan deciding her choice of arsenal for her big fight!

    • Woah congrats in advance man haha! I don’t see it as a problem but more of a life adjustment I have to make at this stage. To be able to father a child is a blessing truly!

  8. lolx.. OMEDETOU CHUBBYBOTS! from renntako here.. haha.. tako was shocked to hear the good news.. O.o ‘SO FAST?!’ i said ya… hahaha. do enjoy ur break from here! haha. we’ll miss you! and yes.. you jus reminded me, i MUST finish my backlog before having a baby.. XDDDD oh you may pass me your red frame. ^^

    • Heh I used to be marksmen during NS lol…one shot one kill!!

      Haha well looking at my stash, the backlog will still be there even when my little baby is out next year! I’ll still be around but not as often though! But I am secretly churning out stuff but less WIP from my side lol πŸ˜›

      Nah i’ll keep it as my first of the many wip momento haha!!

  9. Congratz!

    No wonder I didn’t see any updates from you lately since you’d normally update quite often. Ah well, real life should come first especially in this case. When’s the baby’s ETA? >.>

    • Heh thanks! Ah baby will arrive in February hehe. Things got to change on my side so trying to adjust πŸ˜› Got to shift most of my toys high up now lol!

    • Haha this one no doubt will be one of my biggest chapters! Probably my entry will look like this ‘woke up at 2 am, change baby diapers…couldn’t sleep, takes out HGUC Sinanju and sand…’ πŸ˜›

    • Lol thanks Aya! Don’t worry, i’ll be back before you know it…the gunpla itch and blogging itch is coming back…. πŸ˜›

  10. I’m a father of three and I know how it is to juggle between work, family and hobby. Congratz to you my friend as a father to be. It’s the best news I heard today. Take some time to rejuvenate and try not to be so hard on yourself.

    • Thanks man!! Definitely a break will be good! Don’t want to get too burned out juggling so many things at once. Gonna take things a wee bit slower when I come back again!

  11. Chubbybots,

    Congratulations to you on becoming a father.

    As for your backlogs, how about changing to straight-building instead and finish them up with topcaoat just like what Z does. It would take you up lesser time as well, so you can satisfy your gunpla itch :D.

    • Haha well as a personal preference i rather have my backlogs pile up rather than straight build and thinking to myself heh I could have done a lot more to make this build better haha. Luckily I have enough storage for the time being πŸ˜›

      But I love Z’s treatment, probably do that to my MGs instead!

  12. That’s what we call a BALLbecque! Anyway… congratulations on you soon to be a father! Definitely a great idea to just walk away, meditate, refresh, reorganize and come back renewed and re-energized. You probably won’t be able to do this when the kid comes out ^^;. So yea… have a fun “vacation” while you’re at it… we’ll still be here πŸ™‚

    • Ah I am just about recharged man! Thanks! Haha if I have a kid I don’t think i’ll be able to take a break like that and recharge. Now just enjoying the last few months of being without a kid πŸ˜›

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