Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Z Review

Due to the incessant promotion by Bmecha on this new line of toy from Bandai, I decided to give it a go and well lets just say for someone like me who seldom buy completed mecha figures this is one helluva a toy to have πŸ˜› First up is the box art, I loved it! Simple and slick.

The back of the box art. The rocket punch effect, extra giant size (forget the name) arm and Wings at the bottom right are sold separately.

This is what you’ll get straight out of the box.

The articulation I must say is pretty decent for this incarnation of Mazinger Z. The shoulders are double ball jointed which enables Kouji san to pull of all those crazy moves. Looks like he is just warming up straight out of the box.

Pretty nice articulation for the arms.

Able to kneel quite nicely. But argh, that seamline on the leg..luckily its not that obvious from the front πŸ˜›

This one gets a plus point from me. The arm joints are covered with this extra layer of metal, a very nifty idea instead of having exposed joints like those in find in revoltechs.

The additional hands can be changed via part swapping. The hands are actually more of a rubbery type of material than metal.Β  Now for some action shots!

Even up close, the paint job is slick! Love the metalic red!

For the first release, this extra little Styrofoam rock can be used for your Mazinger Z

Beats just standing on my table πŸ˜›

For those who are wondering how big is this baby, as a size comparison, its about the same as my RG gundam ^^

If this is Bandai’s answer to revoltech I am so switching over to this line. Not only is it smaller in scale but the paint job is so much better except for a few spots πŸ˜› So anyone of you have this Mazinger yet? What are your thoughts about this new line? Can’t wait for Mazinger SKL and Altisen coming out soon!!

Till the next post!

83 thoughts on “Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Z Review

    • All on the legs are diecast. The rest of the body is more of a plastic kind of material. I got it for about $60 but they have newer stocks coming in at $55 or so!!

  1. Not mistaken Bandai’s answer to Revoltech would be their RD line. Oddly though, that this is not from the GD-series of Chogokin… (unlike my GD-53 Hyaku Shiki). *shrugs*

    But still, got to say that the paint job really had me fooled when first time seeing. Very convincing.
    And yes, for most Chogokins, their presence (on the table) are unmatched.

    • Ah true however both RD and Revoltech suffer from poor paint jobs (but they did an excellent job on bonta kun though :P) and there hasn’t really been a line of this scale for their super robot counterparts!

      I am praying hard for a gaogaiger version! Lets just hope they make him soon!!

  2. I like this series coz they have a higher quality than Revoltechs πŸ™‚
    Are you buying the other accessories for this guy?

    ps.. when can we see a story post with Mazinger? πŸ˜€

    • Yep you are right man, can’t agree with you more on this one! The paint job and articulations are very good! I already gotten the accessories and indeed there will be a story post later on πŸ™‚ I can’t have Kouji sitting on the bench can’t we haha!

    • Haha well you definitely need to keep a look out at what they are releasing for this line Eru! Will compliment your existing revoltech collection !

    • The main reason why i got this in the first place was it size! (and cost also haha!) You definitely need to have this in your collection and store too!

  3. wah. looks poisonous to SRW lovers.. heh. so i guess you’re getting the wings set too? i would love any figure-lines that give a proper display base.. i jus saw a feng-shu water fountain-mountain decor being thrown away at tako’s house there. lolx.. really tempted to pick it back home.. hahaha. its definitely works for diorama man! haha. but too bad its too big and heavy..

    • Haha yep..very poisonous…you should look at the upcoming Altisen coming out soon πŸ˜› The effects parts are bloody good…

      Hmm maybe i should head down to china town area and look for these ornamental stuff for diorama shots! Or if my neighbors ever decided not to rear their fish anymore I can take their deco’s as a base πŸ˜›

  4. this is Tetsuya’s? unit right?

    on the side note he looks more decent, unlike those composite Ver.Ka’s (check out Z’s review of the Lancelot Ver.Ka)

    • Ah this is kouji’s unit haha. Testuya’s unit is more sleeker in nature and has a longer sharper face.

      Oh gonna check that out. But hmm i am always under the impression Ver Ka’s stuff are quite decent.

    • Tetsuya’s unit is the none other than the GREAT MAZINGER~! Something like a big brother unit of the Mazinger.

      Tetsuya: DURIRU PURESHA~! PAAAANCHI~! *sends forth a Drill Pressure Punch to a nearby kikaiju, kill it*

      • Hehe your wealth of SRW knowledge never cease to amaze me man ^^

        Maybe i get both and double rocket punch the bad guys in my room πŸ˜›

    • Buhaha you just gave me a really cool idea for the sword man! The extra parts luckily cos about $15 ^^ hehe. Don’t worry about missing rocket punches…I’ll be spamming them en masse pretty soon !!

  5. Not a fan of Super Robot Chogokin series from Bandai and I don’t know anything abou this horny Mazinger Zebra, but when it comes to mecha figures, Bandai have the technical know how and experience, Kaiyodo Revoltech did a good job and deserved to enjoyed their success in a way, but Bandai is Bandai and mecha is always their strength, simple as that.

    Usually when the mecha or toy designer do the first initial design and prototype – the item is supposed to be excellent – all those minor mess here and there happened during the so called “mass produce” process in the factory and maybe the quality control person did not do a good job – or maybe the company in Japan did pressure him/her to overlook such minor mess as they want to minimize loss and increased the profit which is logical.

    From your photo, this Mazinger is targeted at working adult collectors who love to have a brilliant mecha action figures and willing to pay the price associates to it…. the same market that Bandai targeting their GFF/GFFN series

    • I think i am paying not only for the design and gimmicks but also time! I do have the model kit version but i don’t think i have the time and ability to create all these gimmicks the chogokin carries!

      But what i think i’ll credit Revoltech for is making those super articulated Mecha that was sadly lacking in the market when it first launched!

    • Haha well this is my first chogokin so I am very very impressed! Furthermore we are talking about the one and only Mazinger haha ^^

  6. I liked it, but it was a bit pricy and the fact that the Jet Scrander is sold separately kinda upset me.

    and why is SRC Mazinkaiser SKL limited!? That is the titular main character for pete’s sake!

    • Ah oh well….they could have made more if its not limited….but what is Bandai thinking!!!

      And you are right about the seperately sold Jet Scrander though…puzzles me as to why they sell it seperately…

  7. Wow i love that paint job! From you pictures it seems pretty much flawless
    Ive never seen a paint job like it on something like this before – if i collected things like this i would defiantly look into them
    Lol @ picking up the Styrofoam rock as well XD

    • Chogokins from Bandai have very very good paint jobs ^^ The shiny paints gives it a very metallic and high finished look!

      Somehow I feel I might smash that sytrofoam rock some day lol πŸ˜›

  8. Robot Damashii figures are not awful figures (feeling redundant, sorry guys) because of their amazing attention of detail and the overabundance of Gundams that made this line a winner compared to the In Action and HCM Pro lines. But the SRC line is generally fair and promising despite it’s shortcomings (an extra accessory set, hell Bandai), it is still a great representation of what a high-end action figure would be, because usually high-end action figures (NECA, McFarlane, Sideshow, Hot Toys) tend to look and feel very fragile, the SRC is not only a beautiful piece but also a functional one in which one can mess around without a fear of breaking.

    • Ah you hit on all the right plus points about the SRC line mate! And lol, yes having to buy another extra set of weapons doesn’t go down well…..they could have bundled both together! I was thinking its more of a merger between their Robot Damashi and Chogokin line. I don’t own NECA, Mcfarlane toys so I can’t really comment much but I do have a soft spot for Spawn figures from McFarlane!! I see them more like very very detailed sculptures instead ^^

  9. I heard that SKL will be readilly available on retail in January 2011. The exclusive version is the teaser version with the Mazinkaiser SKL Episode 1 DVD.

    • I also saw the ‘prototype’ haha its really cool……and from the trailer somehow its even more violent than its predecessors!

      Did you preorder it already?

  10. Approx $45-50 for the figure, $15-20 for a slight inflation (exclusives, expensive) and $30-40 for the DVD. Kinda worth the $100 purchase.

    • Wow thats a bit Ex πŸ˜› I was hoping it will be about $80….if my baby isn’t due next year i’ll definitely grab this….

  11. By the way, this toy (despite having an unspecified scale) is a 1/144. According to Wikipedia, Mazinger Z is 18 metres tall (like the Gundam), Great Mazinger is 22 metres tall. I’ve found news of a second Mazinger accessory set which (presumably) features a lab and a hangar for both Mazinger figures.

    • Ah I think you are right about the 1/144 scale. I put it side by side my RG Rx78 its almost the same height! But as for Great Mazinger (SRC) somehow the height is about the same as Mazinger Z from the photos I have seen!

      Oh lab!!??? Oh my never see that coming? Any links?

  12. The reason why Mazinger Z and other related stuff is always the very first entry in almost every Chogokin and chogokin-related lines? The reason is that in 1972 the show Mazinger Z is a big hit, Popy’s Popynica line of die-cast vehicles from shows and animes that inspired the very first Chogokin line: the GA series with their very first entry: GA-01 Mazinger Z in 1974 which was sold out in many shelves in millions of quantites. Before the invention of Chogokin, a line of 22″ tall polythyene toys are made (by Popy, the masterminds behind the very first Chogokins) named Jumbo Machinders again, was proven popular. The creators of Jumbo Machinders thought “If Jumbo Machinders represent size, what would represt weight?”, Chogokin are also the sign of toy revolution in terms of materials used, before Chogokin, Japanese action figures are either made out of tin or vinyl. (Man, that’s quite a mouthful)

  13. In the anime series Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen, Tetsuya pilots an inferior (somewhat, superior), red colored prototype of Mazinger Z called Energer Z which was built in secret by Kouji’s father. If you need more Mazinger, I’d recommend picking up the Soul of Chogokin Shin Mazinger Z Hen series: GX-45 Shin Mazinger Z, GX-45A Shin Mazinger Z Atami Night Ver. (Autumn Tamashii Nations 2009 Expo exclusive), GX-45C Shin Mazinger Z Comic Colors Ver. (Go Nagai Wonderland Museum and Tamashii Web exclusives), GX-47 Energer Z Restyling, GX-47T Energer Z Test Type Ver. (Mail-in coupon from the “Soul of Chogokin Project Vol. 4” book exclusive and reissued as a Tamashii Web exclusive), GX-47N Energer Z Normal Colors Ver. (Black and red manga colors, sold as an Autumn 2010 Tamashii Nations Expo exclusive), GX-49 Shin Mazinger Z Big Bang Punch Ver. (regular release, doesn’t share any molds with the GX-45 and it’s variants), GX-49G (A rarer gold recolored variant replicating the Big Bang Punch attack where the giant fist glows in a golden shine). I think this would be pretty helpful.

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