Char’s Saku!!!

Stumbled upon this while surfing the web. This is so funny I had to put this up lol. Click on the link here for more wacky pictures of this build! Makes me wanna do one myself!!

Just a short post from me today ^^

Till the next post!


59 thoughts on “Char’s Saku!!!

    • Haha yep! Couldn’t help but post this up!! And I have a few spare cylinders which I can mod hehehe….maybe I can do this as my new mascot 😛

  1. SakuSakuSakuSakuSakuSaku…

    Ah… The Saku, popularized from a certain Gundam doujin. It was Gihren’s ultimate weapon against the Feds in the story, also they attack en-massed that even the mighty Gundam is fallen.

    If Bandai ever release it… the Gundam RX-78 has its days… numbered.

    • Imagine RG Saku lol!!! That will be the ultimate Zaku form man……even I have doubts about RX 78 abilities to win this….

      Its like a bacteria of sorts now that I look at it lol!!! Wonder what will your Marisa have to say about this ze 😛

  2. lol! so cute. its actually pulished i think 2 months back on dengeki hobby.. haha. they have a HORDE of it!!! its really scary and cute at the same time.. XD

    • You are not the only who thinks so bro 😛 Limbs are like tentacles and they tend to do funny things to helpless ladies 🙂 (I am sure DJ will love this!)

  3. next you should search for SM (Saku’s GM counterpart) XD

    on the PSP games, both Saku & SM were definitely the worst unit on their base stats. but they don’t have the upgrade limitation, making them can go head-to-head with even high-end units.
    their weapons still suck though.

  4. Oh I think I saw this is from a magazine cover or something. There was an issue of one of the hobby magazines with the tagline “Zaku! Zaku! Zaku”, with a small picture of that capsule-shaped (lol) Saku (but in green I think) along with other versions of Zaku gunpla.

  5. wahahaha he is a BOSS! hilarious creation, i wouldnt mind having one in my army 😀 the arms and legs are so funny and automatically gives him a pervy personality.

    you should make a green keroro ver chubbs lol

    • Hehe I am already having ideas on converting some of my cylinders into Sakus!!! I think keroro would love having to pilot one of these lol!!! I read that the flex arms and legs having wire frames for the internals!

      Pervy is pervy lol 😛

  6. Haha, so you found out about the infamous Saku! I saw this not too long ago from some artwork I stumbled while surfing through Gundam forums as well as one of the hobby magazines. Funny stuff especially when it was shown pwning the RX78-2 Gundam. XD

    I, too, would really like to get a model kit of this… if only Bandai would make one. HGUC TWIN SETS!

    • haha you are in luck! I got the photos from Ren of the other Capsule Gms 😛 vs Sakus!!! Gonna post them up later hehe!

      I’ll grab 4 boxes of these man if they ever release it! I’ll paint all in keroro squad colors!!

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