Real Grade is the real deal….

Started working on my RG Gundam a couple of weeks back and I am so completely amazed at the number of details, articulations and part separations this kit has to offer. I can never imagine anything else topping this kit (perhaps maybe an RG Exia? haha). But anyways before i go into the detail proper, I’ll like to congratulate two very awesome bloggers Gundam Guy and Bmecha ^^.

Gundam Guy is really a talented modeler from USA and recently he just started his online business called GG infinite! For readers who are from the USA do give your support to his new business! You can check out his blog here.

And closer to home, Bmecha (my daily source of alternative toy poison) has also rented a space at China Square Central which you can find in this post of his! And currently he is giving a special discount of his limited Black Getter Revoltech at $80! Do check out his space when you guys drop by China Square Central

Well with that just share some of the things I have done with my RG so far ^^

Detailed some parts of the bazooka with metallic blue and red gundam markers.

Used metallic red for the thrusters and gold for the vents

Painted the internals with metallic silver and gold

And the legs are really awesome……

3 points of articulation at just the foot area….the engineering team behind this is nothing short of amazing..

And speaking about parts separation…I counted 3 different white colors in just the arm and all individually parted!!

Now I am so stoked for RG Char’s Zaku coming out year end!

Till the next post!


55 thoughts on “Real Grade is the real deal….

  1. I watched a video review on youtube and the amount of details on that scale is amazing! even the core fighter has moving parts! :O
    Good luck with your kit Chubbs! πŸ™‚

  2. Yep!!! this RG is like the pinnacle of Bandai’s engineering! If you haven’t get you must get it haha!!! The build process itself is throughly enjoyable!

  3. sweet articulation! im holding off on my first RG because more will come to overrun us all lol but just the idea of having RG RX78 vs RG Char Zaku… *pulls out wallet* nooo not yet! XD must distract myself with current RX78 and Gouf Custom.

    and congrats to GG and Bmecha, good luck!

    • Lol don’t get started mate…less the release even more epic stuff for this line!!! And there is a hg gouf custom coming out this year buahahah!!!!!

  4. RG is a great deal for those who buying it. My experience with it is I popped out its palm ball joint and need to apply superglue to strengthen it. BTW, its decal can be peeled off easily using hobby knife and made my job easier .

    • Oh the decals are really really thin and that makes decaling a whole lot easier! But I have no problems with the joints so far…they are sort of rubbery. But I won’t be using all the decals…in fact just probably slap a few ^^

    • Couldn’t agree more man….this it THE gunpla of the year for me too!!! Haha just go slow and steady and don’t drink coffee prior to doing πŸ˜› reduce hand shake!!

  5. Anything else topping this kit = 1/144 RG Strike Gundam (GAT-X105) with complete all 3 units of his Striker Weapon System and maybe and additional IWSP as a bonus….. I would love that and maybe many other Seed fans would love it as well…..

    • Wow I think strike will make a perfect candidate for the next RG!!! With weapon system…think i’ll get 3 of em to pose with all the different units!!!

    • I know some of my friends had issues with the small parts and even had to resort to using the magnifying glass to work on the kit!!! Complex no doubt!!

    • Haha actually to be honest the toughest snap fit I had was Genosaurer from kotobukiya!!

      RG is just simply pure joy to snap fit ^^

  6. you know what? I might just buy every single RG that’s going to be released! XD

    oh, and nice color scheme on the rifle detail.
    I’ve been thinking what to do with that part, I think I’ll just use yours XD
    gonna have fun building this next week :3

    • Haha sure go ahead and use that color scheme ^^ Just want to give a little more to my own RG a little bit of that extra details hehe. Char’s RG Zaku is on my get list…can’t wait to see more news about that!!

      Have fun building your RG when it comes!

    • Ah interestingly this is one of those kits that will look really good with just a top coat. And for the record…it has no seamlines!!!

    • c’mon Z, it’s a new line of gunpla!!! really a must!!

      the paint looks good, I should do the same, but… well I just topcoated it and it’s as great as my painted model.

      for the drawback (which means I will not buy RG zaku), I don’t like how hard this model built… too smalls and c’mon… sometimes the details is not really needed in some parts…

      and the problem of this kit stand, the 3-points articulation legs doesn’t mean he could stand still… mine has fell down numerous times.

      • this is one of those few models that don’t require much mode. I understand that you might find it over detailed at some parts but heh I really like those nifty little extras the added in haha. But you are right about the leg. Takes a bit of positioning to get the RG to stand properly πŸ˜›

  7. Tempting, really tempting. This one sold out within a week at my local hobby store some more. ^^;
    I await for something with more “swords” for the RG line… or maybe something from Zeta since I don’t really want another RX78-2 at the moment. XP

    Nice detailing there, makes the RG more awesome than it already is.

    • I a Zeta RG will be really a feat of engineering! Not only you have to make it look good but also fully transformable without falling apart! I also have quite a few RX78s lol…don’t think I can stomach another one. But considering this is their 30th year anniversary probably that is why RX 78 is getting all the attention at the moment!

  8. Started building mine (finally) and I have to agree with you…its such an enjoyable kit to build! I’m REALLY taking my time with this one as I keep looking at the detail and articulation going “wow…..”. Am detailing the build almost step by step at my blog as Im love with the detail!

    Cant wait for Chars Custom and the Green Zaku (if they ever do one)!!

    Great blog btw…long time reader, first time poster!

    • Heh thanks!! You are in luck though they are releasing Char’s custom by the end of the year ^^ The details and engineering alone on the kit makes the build process very enjoyable!

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