A week of toy photography 3

As my wallet is reeling back from the heavy damage that is Gundam Fiesta, now for something less expensive for the moment ^^ Just a compilation of photos I have taken these past few days so hope you guys enjoy!

Careful Saber….that horse balancing isn’t that simple!

Some green light play with my cosbaby alien ^^

Say cheese!!!

More from the school of rock!

Mari’s other talent!

Wait Eins…you can actually play that?

And my secret loot with Bmecha lol…..the new super chogokin Mazinger Z!!!

Thanks for viewing! Have a good week ahead!!

Till the next post!


32 thoughts on “A week of toy photography 3

  1. Awesome shots xD It’s still weird seeing something stand ON the horse instead of sitting on it ahhahaha
    The green light makes the alien look more spooky, cool effect there ;D

    I like how the playset makes the nendos look in-scale better LOL

    The light in the last pic looks cool too ^^

    • Thanks man!!! Nah still no easy feat for saber!! Funny that they don’t use horses in her show considering she is a knight. Green light and alien will always fit nicely 😛

      Man you should really get one play set if you want to up your nendo playtime!! Not too sure how it will fit in with your figmas and revoltechs though 😛

  2. Oho. Saber gets new ride, eh? =D

    My oh my. Your nendos are jamming together, eh? Mari-tan looks badass in that picture. XD

    Talk about heavy metal… He looks pretty heavy.

    • Hehe some how she is just made for this guitar man! Hehe I finally jumped the cliff and into a very very deep well here…..he is not really that heavy compared to the older chogokin…in fact he is close to the size of those 1/144 gundams!

  3. woah. haha.. i see you’ve fallen into the chogokin realm! lolx.. i’ll try to stay as far as i can from it.. haha. tho i saw a rare konami chogokin gurren lagann.. XD nice photos as always..! =D heng ah. i din bleed from the fiesta.. ^^

    • Sobz…..too bad I have a soft spot for Mazinger…now i am waiting for his latest incarnation to come buahahah!!! Actually Ren after playing with it ( I couldn’t stop man…i was fiddling with it for my hours!!) I must say its worth the weight!! And it cost as much as one nendo so not as expensive compared to getting the older chogokin line!

    • At first i was quite hesitant to be honest. But this new line is actually not as expensive! The only heavy parts are actually the legs. Other than that the rest of the body parts are quite light.

      One thing i do really like is the paint quality…top notch and shiny!! (easier to focus for cameras also haha!)

  4. a few more and you will have a k”on team there. haha!
    and recently i was suspecting you have a mazinger z there at your arsenal only you never shown him to us 😀

    • Haha well I did have one mazinger (kit version) which i got way back but don’t really have the time to put him together…then this new line came up and well the rest is history!!!

    • Ah actually this line is bandai’s latest line ‘super chogokin’ and the price is way less expensive compared to the older line of chogokin. Cost about the price of a nendo so that ain’t too bad hehe ^^

      I don’t really know much about these 2 bro, you might want to check out with Bmecha. He poisoned me with this line!!

  5. your photos are so pro 😀 i like the green lit baby alien, and Ein knows how to use it alright… as a weapon! lol

    Mazinger Z! is the super chogokin all metal? he looks very cool and shiny! nice get ^^

    • Lol i can’t imagine her smashing that saxophone onto her poor victim 😛 Thanks man!!! Experiment a lot to get these photos!

      Hehe well only the legs are metal but the nice metallic paint job does add a lot of weight!!

  6. I read the first comment, Saber stood on the horse. That’s funny. 🙂 That horse is from one of the little gunpla of RTK right? Why is Chiaki always looking so sleepy ever? I guess she needs a good bed 🙂

    • Lol must be Eins scaring her too much …too much nightmares probably that is why she is scared!!! Haha well those horses need some modding to get her to sit right!

  7. Is the green light in the (chibi) Alien photo originally there or added on? One way or the other, creepy green is always associated with aliens ^^

    And I like the Mazinger photos – the sodium street lamp light style gives it a metallic / urban view to it! 😮

    • Ah the green light was originally there ^^ I used the glow in the dark lighting from my clock to do that illumination plus a suitable shutter speed! Green goes well with ghosts too 😛

      Thanks for the ups on Mazinger’s photos!! First time experimenting with this style of lighting! (Never knew it was urban till you mentioned it haha!)

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