From Gundam Fiesta 2010

Went to Sengkang Compassvale last night for this year’s gundam Fiesta. And its a highly dangerous event considering the number of kits they brought this time round not to mention the gundam girls haha (Unfortunately I don’t have the luck of seeing them…perhaps another day again lol…) Luckily I managed to narrow down to a few kits and control my buying this time round ^^ What I really wanted was the chariot set and the just released Yuan Shu SD from Sangokuden!

And its official everyone, gunpla makes you smarter!

To qualify for the entire chariot set, you’ll need to get 2 horses and 2 sangokuden kits from the old series.

The chariot set consists of 4 pieces. Do check through the parts before you purchase! I was nearly given a duplicate as they look nearly the same!

And a little review of the chariot set.

You can put up to 4 horses for this set. Currently I only have 2 ^^

SD Sun Quan just feels so right at home ^^

Hi ho silver!!

Individually, the chariot parts can be fitted onto a single horse with various combinations. This is what I’ll call the lance version ^^

The other mode is what i’ll term the heavy armored type. But one issue I have with the horses….it just weird having your SD ‘standing’ on top of what should be a sitting position lol…. time for a little mod hehe…

I cut off those pieces that I circled

Ah looks so much more natural!!! But I had to shift some of the armor pieces down for the front legs to accommodate this new position ^^ I had a great time at Fiesta this time round. The display is so much bigger, more kits and better looking gundam girls haha. I’ll be heading down again tomorrow to capture more pictures of the event…maybe get a few more buahhaah…




And Quanta is just simply awesome…..

Till the next post!


57 thoughts on “From Gundam Fiesta 2010

  1. woah, urge to buy many horsies rising! haha they look really cool, and might be lots of fun with some nendos. did you get the 20% discount there?

    i need one of those posters, then when my family says im wasting time on gunpla i can simply point to the poster on the wall Lol

    • Yep all the items there are 20% off the price tag!! But thats quite common here in Singapore to have this discount. What I am looking for are the extra parts that you can get only when you buy through the fiesta.

      Haha i’ll be glad to get one more for ya when I visit there again šŸ˜› Heh its a professor that is telling us to do gunpla lol!!

  2. AHA~! So our interest in gunpla DO have a beneficial effect!
    *looks at Dalong’s collection*
    Smart man is smart…

    Onore Chubbybots. You are nudging me towar… HHHHHNNNNG~!

    Setsuna: *ahem*

    • That makes Dalong uber smart! Assembling the MG Zaku for the fifth time lol šŸ˜›

      Come on….give Setsuna the upgrade he deserves buahahha!!!

  3. Yuan Shu looks nice and definitely more tough as a toy that its character in the anime. I guess we will have more awesome looking customised SD Gundam to view from you. Cheers! Have fun!

    • Ah i’ll be doing a seperate review for Yuan Shu. After building him he has got to be one of my favorite designs at the moment!! Plus the arm articulation for him is very good for a SD from this series!

      No customs at the moment bro šŸ˜› Too much WIP on hand!!

  4. aha! I knew there was some sort of benefit to building gunplas! And it is not just hand-eye coordination! I always wonder why I’m smarter than most people…. NOT! xD

    Those are some elaborately designed SD Gundams there ^^.

    • Haha you’ll definitely need to put these posters around your place šŸ˜› I have mine on the fridge to show my wife that my gunpla time isn’t a futile expense ^^

      I just love this series…the details are getting better and better! Now i am waiting for that tank set to come ^^

      • Chubbybots,

        Would you mind selling me the Kaku Ashtaron from the seige weapon set? :p

        That’s the only item I want from the entire set, still hoping for Bandai to release it as a individual item. This is a quite a poisonous year for us gunpla builders, so many new products being released, D-arts from Bandai, D-Style from Kotobukiya, and MGs to name a few. Got to borrow money from the bank if this keeps up.

        • Lol, I am afraid not man, that tank I want haha! You are absolutely right on the new products considering that they are expanding to non gundam genres like Kamen Rider, Hoi sans, white glint, srw characters…I am trying very hard not to start on Koto’s D style but their choice of characters are very tempting especially gunbuster for me!

    • Ya man! I totally dig this chariot! I don’t get why they have those parts sticking out haha….nothing a hobby knife and cutter couldn’t handle šŸ˜›

  5. So if I make gunpla today, I’ll score good marks for my exams!?

    I want to go down to the Gundam Fiesta so badly! @_@ But I have so many stuff packed into these two weeks that I feel guilty if I have to leave my work for the exhibition. But Gundams! But work… But Gundams!! But work..!

    Nice loot! That chariot looks nifty. XD And it’s interesting how the simplest mod can make a big difference to the posing of the kit(s).

    Also, nnngh Qan[T]. *_* Any makeover plans for that guy? xD

    • Haha well I think its a long term thing…they didn’t really say you’ll need to build how many gunpla prior to getting a good grade. Maybe 2 PGs haha!!! You can always attend next year’s fiesta. From what i heard this event was quite successful and there will definitely be more coming!! I know how you feel about not being able to go there! Its like is so near and yet so far feeling !!!

      Nah, i’ll just leave him as it is for the moment, I have a deathsaurer to complete!!

  6. Thats the challenge for us as a hobbyist. We need to strike well in the real life issue as well as our hobbies. Don’t let it drag you down!

    At the end chubb couldn’t resist the event’s temptation, you suppose to join me as SDX Fan! XD

    • Haha well hes arrived man ^^ Don’t worry, he will only remain in snap fit mode on my table for now….I have a deathy to sand at the moment!

  7. Man if it really is true then I’m gonna start building a ton of gundams in one go now LOL! T.T”

    Ooo Quanta, I can’t wait to build him. I’m having a tough decision to build either the RG first or the Quanta..

    I’m not really a fan of any SD gundams so I won’t be easily poisoned by this ^^ but yeah it does look weird standing on top of the horse instead of sitting, good job modding it šŸ˜‰

    • Haha you can show the parents the poster here ( even more excuse to get gunpla buahahahah!!!) Now i know why my grades improve during my secondary school days when i played with gunpla!

      Build Quanta first man…..the weapons itself is very nice to build! I have yet to start on the RG considering my ever growing backlogs lol! Standing on a horse never made sense to me in the first place šŸ˜›

  8. I used to get an erection while doing GunPla and watching porn at the same time… is it the GunPla or is it the porn hahahahaha….. GunPla sure good for my brain…

    • Lol DJ, you can get an erection doing that?? I don’t i’ll be able to multi task like what you are doing…..afraid i’ll insert into the wrong places šŸ˜›

  9. This year’s Gundam fiesta is much better than the previous one for me! Damn, I really want those exlcuisive armour peices for the horses but I guess I have to pass them on, considering the amount of HG poisoning there are there. ^^;

    • Haha I wholly agree with you man. This year was way better than the last! So much more stuff to see and so much more product poisoning! HGs are improving a lot not only in details but articulation also. Guess we have to be more selective but its getting hard haha…

  10. need to get that poster so I will not get nagged upon buying gunpla next time. hahaha

    and you told me you will limit yourself to 00 kits hahahaha!!!

  11. whaaaat?! you ninja built a qanta!
    that chariot set, my friend is aiming for that this year, is that limited chubbs?

    I went there and it was safe, I brought back an empty backpack home, hahahaha

    • Haha man, your anti toy shield is really high up there!! Wish can say the same for myself! I came back with something non gunpla last night lol….will post soon šŸ˜›

      Ah tell your friend to get it quick, it is limited only for the event!! He won’t be able to get it later!

  12. D’AWW. I actually wasn’t really blown away with this GF,2010.I’ve sorta been hesitating with what Bandai been releasing. Currently, i’m only want to get the Quan[T],zanbanya and Deathsythe. Sigh. TT.TT

    • Ah well actually Bandai did release a few non gunpla stuff that I am really interested in like the super chogokin line and a few of their robot damashi stuff šŸ™‚ The only few kits that I am really interested in are the tank set from Sangokuden and Quanta…but that might change after the gundam 00 movie comes out!!

  13. Gunpla is good for brains. I shall remember that in my heart~ Hell it may even prevent dementia! (laughs)

    Even though I don’t do SD gunpla, those horse units sure look flexible. Always love grunt units and how you can do all sorts of stuff when you have multiple number of them. As with the chariot you can have up to 4 horses, or just mount each general/warlord to one. Very flexible~

    I did hear Qan[T] gunpla is pretty good. Its design hasn’t got into me yet, but we shall see more once the movie’s up! I wonder how we will be able to see it though.

    • Ah i didn’t think very fondly about quanta at first but the design grew so much on me I decided to get it and I am very happy with this kit. I love how it brings back the look of Exia with a new look!

      Just got to love grunts!!! The make for nice cannon fodder for stories haha!! What I love about the SD sangokuden series are all these extra things like chariots, stands…makes up a lot of playability!

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