Nendo school of rock!

A big shout out to Sara from Optimistic Penguin for giving such generous prizes for her anniversary contest!! I got it last week and I had tons of fun playing around the class room sets A and B for my nendoroids! Nendo school of rock is officially now in session!

Also a big thanks for Riannon who stayed up all day to prep the room. And we have our first visitors for the day! Chiaki and Raspberyl ^^

Chiaki readily takes on the piano, nice melody!

Raspberyl opted for something much more simpler. Riannon is happy for her ^^

And Lucchni brings her own flute.

Soon more come in and surprise surprise, Maritan for once strolling around without a rifle. Instead, she opt to bring out her old electric guitar!

Tap tap…Chiaki hears a sound on the window pane..

Run everyone!!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this photoshoot of the Nendoroid music class room set A and B! Comes with tons of accessories and endless play time! Just to share some of my own thoughts which you don’t often read about in the Toy Room ^^. The tedious part for toy photography always comes in the set up. I had to be sure I am very careful when placing the pieces. Any slight movement of the set will result in a few pieces toppling over!!! Though it can beΒ frustratingΒ at times, when I am finally able to take those shots and process them, the time is really worth it. A simple shot can take like 10mins to set up, not even including the time when you test out all the angles and such. For any scene I usually take like 5 to 7 different shots and then choose just one. To reduce the time, I don’t use a tripod cos i find it restricts the angles in which I can take and these where taken in the evening when the light is just nice and still not too dark! (less post processing for the white balance and colors!)

As my nendoroid collection grew, the parts simply become too much to handle. So I found these very nice boxes off the shelves of Giant superstore and they make excellent stores for your excess parts and faces. And it helps in making it easier to access all the different hands, parts and accessories! A plethora of choices when it comes to taking a certain scene!

Till the next post and have a great week ahead!!


54 thoughts on “Nendo school of rock!

  1. Ohoho. The nendo music room is nice (provided you have lots of nendos). Awww… Poor Chiaki, gotten scared by Eins, yet again. XD

    I too used partitioned storage boxes for both by gunplas and figures… aahh… the fate of us collectors. Keeping up and organized parts…

    Heh, who knows, maybe I’ll make my own living room for figures out of boxes and things. =D

    • Heh SD gundams can fit just nicely in you know πŸ™‚ There are so many props that I have yet to use!! My favorite is still the piano!! I just have to have Eins peek through the window haha!!! At least this time arounds Chiaki is with a good company to keep her safe! I find that if i organize them into boxes, i tend to play with other lesser used parts!

      You should check out Optimistic Penguins cafe set up for her figmas!! She did a really great job on that!

  2. from your close up photos I thought the stage is bigger, your photography is great chubbs πŸ˜€
    seems like chubbs is getting deeper into nendoroids poison, hahaha

  3. ahhhhh the music room!! i haven opened them up yet lolx. no time for nendos when i’m gunpla-ing at the moment.. yes.. figure photography does take up a ton of time man. amen to that! but chubbs you’re very good at taking their photos now..!! haha. yes.. im looking for a proper box that can keep all our nendos faces too.. i always see the boxes, but was nv sure whether their faces would fit in not.. now you’ve jus removed my doubt. i’ll be going down to giant tml!! lolx. =D


    • Haha yep but seeing all the encouraging response here makes it worth it man! Kudos to you guys & gals! (and your poisonous post bauhahaha!!) Luckily I don’t have kids around at the moment haha so I can leave the set up as it is and shoot again when I get back home πŸ˜› Its feels so shiok (good) just snapping away at them!

      Whoohoo thumbs up for great boxes from Giant πŸ™‚ Think i’ll need to get more of these boxes for my left over gundam weapons too!

    • hey chubbs! i’ve went to vivo’s giant.. but cant find any box that resembles the ones you have le.. where exactly did you get them ah..? wanna spring clean my nendos alr.. ahhhh. thanks! =D

  4. holy smokes you won another contest?! way to go chubbs, more toys for your toys πŸ˜€ great job on these shots, like heathorn said you did make the stage appear bigger than it is! is there anything your not good at? πŸ˜›

    and i know what you mean about the time it takes to set up shots XDDD

    • Haha its both the tedious but most rewarding part of toy photography! getting that right set up!!! Plus it doesn’t help that these little gals are top heavy ^^ Hehe more toys = more set up = more toy photography!!! What I did is crop the pictures down from the large size ones. Probably that is why its like bigger!

    • Heh thanks for the wonderful gifts!! Its the perfect place to hang out for them!! Maybe I might turn it into a cafe like what you did for your figmas haha!

    • Would have been better if i can use that sealing technique from Kamen rider!! Then I can go around carrying just a belt for my entire collection!!

      I am just lucky I guess!!

      • I think you will win every photography and Gunpla contest with your skill πŸ™‚ .

        yeah and if you want to attach the parts you just need to insert/slash the card πŸ˜€ absorb face ,fusion arms ,evolution head hahahahhaha

  5. haha nice congratz chubbs’ ^0^

    a nice nendo house you have there. even though it’s only in half with enough imagination you can make a huge scenario with this…. wow

    • Thanks man!!! I have this problem of telling people the stories verbally. Somehow through my toys I am able to tell the stories that I have ^^ Something like a director of sorts for me haha!

  6. Great post! yeah using a tripod sometimes limits your freedom, this is the best way to shoot small objects from various angles. Wow thats a lot of parts for nendos! πŸ™‚

    ps. I did some experiments with weekend too and it involved some Revoltechs, check out my blog πŸ˜›

    • Thats an equally awesome post from you man! Nice idea of that LCD as backdrop! Never thought of using that!

      Thanks! The toughest part is trying to stabilize yourself and get the sharpest shot possible! But i think with more practice (and some arm exercise) hopefully the shots will improve!

  7. Whooo! This post remember me lot of litlle stories when I was 12 years student. I was affraid by my music teacher when she asked me play flute ^^
    Nice shot dude πŸ™‚

    • Thanks dude!!! Haha I used to play the flute or recorder as they call it locally πŸ˜› (Though i suck at it lol!!) Music is clearly not in my veins but heh at least I can enjoy the ones played by my nendos!

  8. Super cute! And there’s Ein again to join the fun. Lol. ^^

    I agree with you, taking photos of Nendos can sometimes be frustrating with the set-up, the space, etc. Btw, what do you use to make them stand on their own?

    I think I have a similar plastic container for Nendos. It’s very useful especially when you bring your Nendos for outdoor photo sessions. ^^

    • Haha I just have got to have eins coming in πŸ˜› She is like my pseudo substitute for the nightmarish Jason (till the revoltech version becomes available!!)

      Ah I used the nendos default pegs…probably i’ll do a post on that to show it! hard to say it haha….I am trying to find a smaller version of that box! So that I can pack it nicely in my sling bag!!

  9. Nice organization you have there ^^. Mine are all in one box in their original plastic bags lol. Love the last picture with Chiaki xD. Is it just me or is Lucchni’s head bigger than everyone else’s lol?

    • Ah i remember seeing that post of you packing your nendos! I find that if i keep them in their original packaging, it will be a tedious task just to take them out for all the photoshoots! Chiaki just looks so cute scared lol!!!

      I guess its the camera angle of that shot ^^ Or is it that mischievous grin of hers?

  10. Are you sure that it is not a rifle inside Maritan’s guitar case?

    O yeah, does the music instrument comes in one package with the play set? and that’s a very good idea to store your nendos, keep it simple an clean πŸ˜€

    • Haha nope ^^ Its just a normal guitar alright! I think you want too much terminator 2 already!

      Yep all the instruments you see in this post are from the set! I barely used like half of them and they even have hands that comes with set to be used for the instruments! Glad you like the idea ^^!

  11. oh…. music instruments…. Only thing I know how to play is the recorder from Primary school.. haha… Then again, I am fail at music instruments…

  12. Wao.. i should get the organizer box like yours, to keep my nendoroid accessories. I’m looking forward for the playset 4 Western Style Noble Room

    By the way, can you introduce me some toys shop in sg? cause i’m going to SG this Sept. You got my email address? maybe we can talk more in the email? Cheers.

  13. Like others have said, your close-up photos really make the set look larger than it is. Great job there.

    I totally understand about the set up time. Taking photos isn’t the part that take the longest amount of time, it is when we’re setting up the figures, etc for the photoshoot. ^^

    Hm, box. I should get one like that. I’ve only been stuffing my Gunpla parts in a… Gunpla box this whole time. ^^;

    • Heh thanks!! I guess its probably I took it from the bottom up and at the nendo’s eye level. Makes it seem like their place is big πŸ˜›

      You are a man after my heart! Its the set up that is always the most tedious part and not to mention choreographing the fight scenes! I’ll be getting a few more to organize my gunpla parts! Think it will make it easier to mod my stuffs in the future ^^

    • Haha my collection is small compared others actually πŸ˜› But I have yet to organize my left over gundam weapons!! That will take like 3 boxes πŸ˜›

  14. Very nice photos sir! I’ve started following your blog recently and I’m a fan of your photography I’ve always been a fan of Nendoroids too. I think they are just the cutest and nicest among the anime collectible figures. Most of my hobby money is spent on gunpla and I only got one nendo. If I had a bigger income, I would definitely be a nendo collector too =)

    • Wow thanks man! Your comment made my day! Glad you enjoy the photos haha!

      They are very adorable and its hard to avoid them after you get the first one! I agree they are on the costly side and I am lucky that I don’t have kids at the moment or it will be hard to sustain the collection ^^!!

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