Revoltech : Vash the Stampede

A big shout out to David John from Shewsbury land for sponsoring such generous gifts for his digirama contest! The only other 2 revoltech I had was Suzuki and the Sci Fi Alien. Usually I don’t really buy figure type revoltechs but that really changed when I opened the box! There are already tons of reviews out there and for me, I’ll just go straight to the shots! One thing to note though, I haven’t watch the anime Vash is in but having the figure as such pips one to catch his origins.

Vash crashing in through the window ^^;;

Alien Vs Vash?!?

Also took some night shots ^^. Seems I just can’t get out of the dark haha. I used my chair as a backdrop with just a simple touchlight by the side, changing the angles as I see fit.

I find that the lighting is a bit too harsh so I used a cloth and wrap around the torch light. The next few shots will be using the toned down light.

Change to a more epic pose ^^

Well thats all from me today ^^ Hope you guys enjoy the shots! Currently work on gunpla/deathy has been quite slow as I am facing some problems with the mods. So for now I’ll being show casing more toy photography ^^ Principle draft for the ‘Origins’ conclusion has been done so look forward to that coming soon! Have a great week ahead!

Till the next post!

64 thoughts on “Revoltech : Vash the Stampede

  1. prizes, woot! congrats chubbs ^^ Vash is a very cool guy, i watched the anime loooong ago and forgot if i finished it or not Lol

    alien vs vash would make for a action packed story, and perhaps have it all shot at night *spooky* since your night shots are so awesome 😀 the toned down light sets a nice feel in these and using the casted shadows to your advantage really gives it that extra dramatic power!

    • I think i really need to spend some weekends catching this or at least some parts of it! Thanks! Vash really looks cool just standing there 😛

      Wonder how I can fit in this fight between Alien and Vash in the stories later hehe! Thanks for the wonderful feedback! Looks like muted lights are the way to go 🙂

  2. I totally love Vash the stampede!! I still got his opening soundtrack in my phone from 9 years ago…

    vash is a comedic character that ends with distraction on his trail (mostly not caused by him, but by those bounty hunters who tried to catch him for his massive reward for destroying a village, which was protected by a huge light bulb, again… which was not caused by him)

    Along with his other side characters, 2 insurance girls packed with guns, you gonna LOVE Millie by the way if you have the chance to watch the anime. And a black neko that appears at random in each episode.


    *Side note: he has a twin brother*

    I’m gonna get this revoltech too! if there’s any available in our local store =.=’ Thanks to DJ for poisoning me… gahhh

  3. Wah got to thank DJ again for another poison victim lol!!! Wow but 9 years ago?? How old is this series? And thanks for that intro to this anime, seems like Vash is the type of anti hero that i’ll root for!

    And 2 insurance girls with guns..whoohoo hmm maybe i can put Lucihnni and Sanae as the insurance girls for now buahahha!!! Black neko?? Azuyammz….

  4. AVV << 😀

    I think Vash's face is quite ok compare to other revoltech human figures… with your tamashi stage it can do any pose! The anime is very long ago but you can get the DVD in local video shops.

    • Hmm I think my brother might have the DVD ^^ Time to go raid my old room 😛

      Basara’s face also don’t look to shabby either! Maybe i should get him lol….

  5. Nice photos man! Revoltech these days are so much better in everything compared to the 2.0 version..I never watch the anime, but he is a very cool looking character 😀

    • Thanks! Hope things are going well on your side man! Missed your danbox posts 🙂

      With the sci fi series going on for revoltech I hope they can maintain that high level of quality!

  6. wow Syful beat me into introducing you on the series. ^^,

    the series is a good anime to watch, as it has a good mix of comedy and serious turns onto explains why is he like the person he is now. I don’t really remember how old the series is but I remember watching it when I was 12-13 years old back then

  7. Yay for night shots! Nice job.
    Not familiar with Vash Stampede though. ^^;

    Revoltechs are quite okay in terms of articulation but I really don’t like the stands. Most of my Revoltechs are still in their boxes. The only one I have on display is Pocco beause she can stand on her own.

    • Ah surprisingly Vash and my Alien revoltech can stand quite well by themselves without their stands. I think some slight tweaking of his robes helps in the balance and for Alien it has a tail to help with the balance issues!

      But I won’t be collection as much revoltech haha…just stick to nendos and gunpla for the time being 😛 The only ones I am looking forward to are the revoltech Alien Queen and Warrior 😛

  8. The pics taken truly are outstanding and great Revoltech figure to add on to your collection. To thinnk about that, I do have a Revoltech Saber from ‘Fate Stay Night’ which I have not played with. Lol…

  9. SWEET! I love the shots. I just read they are doing a new movie and re-releasing the DVD’s here in the US. I guess they want to merchandise as much as possible, but still, what happened to the Alien??

    • Thanks!!! Woah so they are releasing a new movie? Thats great news!

      Ah the fight won’t happen till I get the Queen and Warrior Alien 😛 Just an idea like what if i pit him against Alien 😛

  10. The dim room photos are amazing 😀 I need to learn a few things from you ^^.

    I know who Vash is but… I’ve never seen Trigun before in my life ^^;.

    • Haha at least you know who Vash is Z! I only knew of him when I got this figure 😛

      I am sure you can come up with even better photos than me man! Thought it should be the other way round! I need to learn more uber poses from your shots!

  11. ah, this revo, I saw one at Latendo and the quality is really good
    the movable long coat really make this revo super cool! But luckily I can still resist the temptation 😀

  12. Nice photography effort there… the photos are lovely…. Vash sure looks cool… I wonder how u display him… standing plain or sitting on the provided thingy….

    • Thanks to you again for Vash!!! He just looks damn cool at so many angles!

      Ah i used one of my tamashi stage to display vash. I prefer him in epic pose mode!!!

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