My first neko?!

Thats it guys, after seeing BD’s on Azunyan I am dead set on getting a nekomimi nendoroid for my collection. But then, since I am not really that big a fan of Kon instead I found another Neko Nendoroid that fits the bill! Francesca Lucchini from Strike Witches! Comes with both weapons, engines for legs and very cute neko ears and tail to boot! Also Lucchini is very anxious about her first photoshoot! Well enough talking and start shooting!

Today happens to be a very bright and not so sunny day ^^ Perfect for shooting outdoors without breaking into a sweat fest!

Interestingly in Strike Witches I realized the girls don’t wear pants ^^;; (Damn wish I could be in such a realm!!) This is her normal mode when she doesn’t don those striker units on her legs.

The default stand that comes with her is a bit limiting. Luckily I got my damashi act 4 stage for these aerial shots!

Looks like she spotted something interesting.

Chubs : Eh Lucchini thats my apple….

Lucchini : You were saying……

Chubs : …….

Well thats all for this weekend! Gwad I just love shooting outdoors….

Till the next post!


64 thoughts on “My first neko?!

  1. Ohoho~! So THIS is the one you’ve mentioned before-nya… :3

    Ah, never argue to a girl that holds a gun (or a sword)… That would only lead to a… Bad end.

    Argh~! My digicam’s sensors’ are limiting my cloudy/in-door lighting shoots… Orz

    • Wonder how Lucchini will interact with Azuza neko mode πŸ˜› Think they make great sisters haha ^^ And you are right…never never under any circumstances argue with a girl that holds a gun…or a broom haha! ZE!

  2. amazing shots you got there. as her gliding photos look liked… shes gliding. ^^, those nendos are really poisoning me, but can’t find a nendo thats suits my liking >.<

    • Haha just pray koto releases kit forms of this instead! I won’t be surprised given the direction koto has taken currently ( and also someone’s growing stash of koto kits!)

    • Hehe with those stands I can do aerial dives and attacks! Blue and white panstu is just sugoi coupled with her neko ears πŸ˜›

  3. Nice pics! Not really familiar with Strike Witches ^^; is that really her ears? I spent the weekend with a nekomimi wearing Nendoroid also. It sure was fun.

    • Thanks! Haha yep it is her ears alright ^^ I am quite surprise she comes pack with quite a lot of accessories! 3 different stands, 2 tails, 4 different hands….sure quite a lot for just a single release!

    • Ah yep those are her legs alright ^^ Shes comes package in two sets of legs! One normal and the one with the striker units!

      Maybe i should give those striker units to mari πŸ˜›

    • Yep, she sure brightens my day alright! I placed her right beside my desktop! That cheerful grin with neko ears lovely πŸ™‚

      • Hahaha.. .Chubby, of coz it’s a personal taste matter… damn those Nendos are super cute….. I don’t mind to get it for free though hahahahaha….

        By the way I heard rumors that you won a BB/SD V Gundam from some competition in Shewsbury Land recently…. I wonder when will you work on it… I look forward to see your finishing on that model…

        • Haha I did work on it a bit but won’t do any mods for that SD though ^^ Just one of those that i’ll like to snap fit and do some slight detailing! Plus i got tons of projects ongoing and currently going thru hoards of Zerg at night lol πŸ˜›

  4. I’m seeing more outdoor shots from you nowadays. Seems like you are putting your latest camera to good use. Those are very lively pics and nekomimi nendoroid is simply adorable!

    • Haha thanks bro!! I just love heading out to take photos! A much needed break from my long hours on the office desk! I just love that combination of cuteness and deadly weapon πŸ˜›

    • Haha thanks! The outdoors are really where I feel my nendos and other toys need to be ^^ So much more fun than doing indoor shots! I actually didn’t watch strike witches till I gotten Lucchini! Trying to find out more of their background story!

    • haha well don’t worry, since they are at war with each other so I don’t think there will be a coup! I counted 14th of them and 2 of em I have not debut them as of yet!

  5. nyaaa~! I know absolutely nothing about her but she is sooo cute! And what amazing outdoor photos :D. I like her face with the zigzag teeth!

    • Haha she is from strike witches!! You definitely need to check that out man !

      That zigzag teeth is my fave face from her too!

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