Prime Time

As me and Bmecha were having lunch….a funny looking truck shows up and is halted by my Zaku FII…

Outdoor lunch photoshoot with friends can be so fun haha!! Got to love the new War of Cybertron Optimus Prime. Really tempted to get one myself after this session…orz 🙂

Till the next post!

48 thoughts on “Prime Time

  1. lolx! you guys brought toys to lunch!! haha.. amazing photos! im so afraid to bring any completed gunplas out.. in fear that i might break some parts.. XD

    • haha I usually carry a toy and camera around for any impromptu shooting opportunity ^^. I only bring HGs around and place them in a lunch box padded with tissue paper 😛

  2. Oh lol. Prime got stuck and requires assistance in transforming and uses the oldest trick in getting away. XD

    A face-palming Zaku, something we hardly ever see.

    • Haha well that zaku is the HG version. But since the RG version is coming out for Char I think that will be even a better kit than this!

  3. OMG, Thats WFC Optimus Prime, Ive been looking for that guy everywhere here, yet sadly, canada is a slowpoke on toy releases, and Lucky for your Zaku there, Ops doesnt come with his Axe of Gar^^;

  4. Actually, I saw bmecha having some trouble trying to transform this…looks damn complicated haha. Not really a case of old age though ^^

  5. Zaku II rocks but Cybertronian Optimus Prime is good damn well design for a recent TF toy. One set back is that the toy looks a bit plastic. Maybe Takara can improve on it.

    • Yep wholly agree with you on that! The plastic color is something that I am not really fond of! But hopefully with some spray cans it can do the trick!

    • Haha i had a good time making this comic with bmecha ^^ I was thinking what if a transformer had some problems transforming…that will be hilarious!

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