The blue box….

Drossel wakes up this afternoon to find a weird looking box on the computer table.

Drossel : hmm whats is this….Starcraft 2….

Chubbs : Ah drossel this is the latest video game ^^

Drossel : Sugoi! Lets see whats inside!

Drossel : Whoa that is one really detailed box….and is that the boss? She is scary…

Also the box also attracted some of the Alien fraction in the room.

Probably the Aliens are thinking…she is hot…

Looks like love at first sight for my Predalien…lets just hope he doesn’t give her the facehug!

The game itself comes with free guest passes to both Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft. Think Saber still prefers the Warcraft genre.

Maritan : Chubbs….install this now….

Chubbs : heh just a second here, I just got this….still have to go through some of the tutorials here…

Maritan : NOW!!!!

Chubbs : ^^;;

Well sorry for the lack of updates haha, been playing Starcraft 2 for the past few days. Prior to me collecting toys, I was playing Warcraft III and Starcraft for a couple of years. Now its back to my old love again for the time being but I’ll still be posting stuff from time to time but less ^^. Starcraft was my favorite real time strategy game (RTS) and Starcraft 2 just sealed the deal for me! Looks like everyone in my toy room will be watching replays and sleepless nights for the moment! I am halfway through the campaign and started playing on Bnet already. Also I need a much needed break from figure collecting and gunpla for the moment. Perhaps recharge myself before continuing my figure stories, especially that open ended ending after Origins 2!

Anyone playing this game too haha? Β Have a good weekend!


51 thoughts on “The blue box….

  1. Figures… Most people are infected by SC2 (except for me. lol).

    Hang on…
    Yoko: That rifle looks very familiar…
    Me: Indee… Omae~ra~! *points* Movie or normal version?~!

    • Yoko(M): say… that rifle look strangely familiar…

      Chubbs, better get some explaining to do before I get shot in the rear quarter =.=’

      • @ Syful haha I have lots to answer for from yoko for that missing sniper rifle πŸ˜› Just say that maritan conveniently borrow it!

    • Haha that is why your blog is not your usual blog πŸ˜› But maybe can map edit and put those custom touhou characters inside ^^

      and that rifle belongs to my nendo yoko by the way haha!

  2. STARCRAFT 2!!!!!!!!!!! the first game that really turned me on the RTS genre was the First Starcraft. still remember those plentiful cheats on my head haha.

    way back then it was the only RTS game that my PC can run (cause it was a Win 95 CPU so you know more or less what it is capable of) now as the hype also builds on me, I also can’t wait to get a copy of this… even though the Terran campaign is the only available one as for the moment (cause I love campaigns as it teaches me more than a tutorial) well then have fun Chubbs. !!!!

    • buhahah those cheats man….got to love em….

      You remind me of the time when I had my old PC…still running on diablo and starcraft πŸ˜› The hype is worth it really!! I like it that they even have very in depth tutorials…and you’ll be blown away by the campaign and story line!

      Now for some killing buhahaha!!! Terrans lets go!!

    • Haha no worries, i’ll still come out for a while bauhahaha. By the way i’ll bring out bonta kun for the photo shoot haha..

  3. I can’t play starcraft… I just can’t! Not after the absolute mauling I got from my korean flatmate (who’s not even that good). He rushed me with… PROTOSS!!! Not Zerg but FREAKING PROTOSS!!!!


    • Koreans are just godlike when it comes to gaming….and protoss rush…wow….thats freaking crazy shit to be on the recieving end of it!

  4. huahaha, you must not disobey maritan.
    never played starcraft before, my friends are also talking about this game lately
    the only blizzard game I played was the old warcraft 2 πŸ˜€

    • Haha I definitely won’t want to get shot by that!

      If got chance give it a shot πŸ˜› Its quite a good game really! I used to play warcraft 3 a lot….prior to my gunpla. Now looks like i’ll be back to gaming for a while!

  5. Ah Starcraft 2~ Just finished the campaign a few minutes ago. Pretty awesome! Can’t wait for the other 2 expansions, especially legacy of the void =D Somehow my internet’s way too crappy to play on Bnet though it lagged so badly when I tried LOL damn the gay internet I have =(

    Unfortunately my laptop’s so crappy that I had to put every setting to low =( Couldn’t experience the awesome graphics at all sigh

    Must get new PC by the time LotV comes out! >.> Blarghh!! En Taro Tassadar!!!

    • Buahha I knew it! I sense some of you guys out there already started playing! You definitely need to set that graphics up to get the full experience. So far I am only halfway through campaign but I got quite a few wins from bnet already so far πŸ˜›

      So far my favorite stage is the protoss last stand against the hybrids…epic….

      En Taro Tassadar!

      • If only my laptop was strong enough so I could put the graphics to high or ultra, sadly even medium lagged my laptop LOL

        Ah..that stage was awesome! Defend till the very end! Protoss ftw! I never played sc1 though so I’m pretty new to the starcraft universe xD which makes me an uber noob if I tried to go Bnet hahahahah I just stick with playing against the ai for now lol My fried raped me so badly with his zerg and he wasn’t even playing seriously cause it was lagging or else he would’ve flooded my base with 300+ zerglings T.T”

  6. I remember playing the old classic Star Craft and War Craft in Windows 95 and Windows 98…

    Still have 2 CD of the old War Craft now and still works on Windows XP but never touch them for quite a long time now….

    • Wah… still kept those man? Wow, i won’t mind installing on my lap top those older versions while playing on the road haha!

  7. hahaha… Star Craft II fever!!!! If I have extra money I would buy one too.. too bad im relying on *cough* πŸ˜€

    go ninja Install!!!!!! obey maritan kaichou!! XD

  8. nice get! ive been watching pro matches since the beta but i dont have my own copy yet $_$ i did get a chance to play through the campaign but i think i would suck on bnet, since i have to look at my keyboard to find the hotkeys Lol impossible to macro and micro while doing that XD

    have fun with the game dude, get to platinum!!

  9. Lol, not so fast! Still at silver, now inching my way back to gold first πŸ˜› If you do play online do add me ^^

    I have drossel on the micro side haha, she sure helps out a lot by pointing out the weaker units to retreat!! But yeah the hotkeys and new units sure needs some getting used to!

  10. SC2!!! Nice! You didn’t go for the collector’s edition? I was hoping that I could get that but I didn’t pre-order early. I bought it when it first release, but I couldn’t play due to some setting which made my computer freeze. It’s okay now and I just boarded the battle-cruiser for the campaign level. πŸ™‚ It’s so much different from SC1, I mean the units and structures.

    • Haha no I didn’t managed to get it! But heck I just want to start on it haha so i went to get the regular. Luckily I managed to get one below $100 but still ex though lol! Ah I heard that its due to Windows 7 users where they have to turn off the font size change or something which makes the computer freeze!

      SC2 is definitely better haha, its time for SC1 to get its long due upgrade!

      • Actually, I’m using WinXP. It’s due to the meltdown of my graphics card. Tweaking the variables.txt file got it working though. So, did you play the campaign with hard difficulty? Damn… it’s really hard! LOL

  11. I have been an idiot. I should have gone for the SEA region instead.

    All this talk about region lock and possibility (as well as the impossiblity) of playing over another region got me wondered which region to get. SEA digital version is somehow significantly more expensive to get than any other ones, and my cousin plays the NA version since he lives in USA so I decided to buy NA digital version. Now knowing that SEA region will have access to NA servers in 2 months time, but not possible vice versa for NA versions to join SEA servers made me feel dump. Bargh hope it’s not a huge deal as long as connection is okay for me while playing from Hong Kong. But I have been an idiot for sure…

    • Argh! Don’t blame yourself man. I wasn’t aware of the region lock till a couple of days later. I used to play on the us servers for warcraft and it runs quite smoothly. Shouldn’t be a problem from Hong Kong. Haha be sure to add me when the NA opens. I’ll be playing there!

  12. So. I come back to this blog after 5 months and BAM. You’ve got SC2! ToT I would get a copy myself, but I’m a bit short on money at the moment…

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