Riannon’s Day Out

As I get more adventurous in taking my figures out door for photo shoots, I brought Riannon out for a little tour round my office and a little meet up with the Evangelion crew by my laptop. For someone who don’t usually take photos in front of other people, this is a big leap forward for myself.

Shinji played the kind host to Riannon and quickly introduced her to the rest of the Evangelion crew who gave her a very warm welcome.

Just got to love this look of hers….just warms me heart haha…

She ask whats for lunch?

And when I reveal what we are having for lunch, she gets excited and makes a quick dash for it.

A very nice carrot cake which my mom made for me. Thank you mom you are the best!

After work, we took a bus home. As I sat on the double decker with nothing to do, I noticed the top of the bus infront of me. Something that I never really noticed. Quickly I took out my camera and grab a few shots! Also in am exploring monochrome editing instead of color for these few shots! So bear with my experiment a bit ^^.

Construction along the roads which were only visible to me when I am on the upper deck.

Some shots along the road of Potong Pasir.

I just like the halo coming out of the clouds…

The jam slowing building up….

Grab a couple of photography and business books from Bishan library. And we both dinner at Mac. Riannon very happy with the ice cream sundae and large serving of fries. She is very happy at our little trip today and is looking forward to our next one! So what is it like for you guys/gals taking your figurines out for a little lunch? I used be afraid of getting stared at but after taking the first few shots, someone that fear seem to be an after thought 😛 Hope you all enjoy our little trip as much as we do!

Till the next post!

42 thoughts on “Riannon’s Day Out

  1. Ahahaha. So started to take photos outdoors, eh? Luckily a nendo is not too obvious (try that with anything bigger and you get odd looks). Riannon does looks happy with the Evangelion gang.

    I’ll stick to nature scenes with my collection. =D

    • You are right about the size of nendos, less obvious so i’ll get less stares! Hehe she is very happy that day! Nature shots work very well with figures and they make very nice back ground! I went to venture taking my figures on the streets one day!

  2. Yay for outdoor shots. ^^ Now you’re making me crave for some carrot cake. Lol.
    I get a mix of curious-amused-“she’s kinda weird” stares when I take photographs of my figs in a public place but I don’t really mind. Lol.

    • Haha fair enough! You made me crave for biscuits with your post 😛

      I also got a few stares like that but getting used to it hehe ^^ But like what Bd said i’ll be sticking to smaller figures first!

  3. just love looking at her relaxing smile. and love that halo clouds effect… will look much better though if a beam of light is shining down kinda like when someone is entering or descending from heaven… but thats just a natural phenomenon. XD

    now I’m thinking of doing some of these kinds of shots myself

  4. nobody can resist that cute face of hers 😀
    I think it will be hard for me to snap photos of figures when there are lots of people. Still dont have that courage XD

    not to mention scaled sexy PVC figures, hahahaha

    • Hehe, if moemoekyun still around, he will prefer the face with the stun look 😛 Haha I know how that felt man!

      But sexy figures…wow that is a whole new level lol!!! (Psst…any pics?? buahahah! email me!)

  5. I have never taken some figures outside specifically for a shoot or anything like that, i feel the same as you for the reason why xD
    Lovely photos though, Riannon is adorable!

    • Heh thanks! She is one of my favorite Nendos that I have …but sanae might overtake her soon haha.

      To be correct, this is the first time I took out a figure and done photoshooting by myself outdoors. Usually I have less fears when I shoot with other people ^^ Plus good company makes a big difference!

  6. Hey I love this post! why dont you do more outdoor posts? maybe you could shoot some scenes of nendos on the subway or in public places?

    • Haha I am definitely gonna be more adventurous and do that on my next outing! The subways here are a little bit crowded so I’ll have to spot good places first before I head down. But there is this really incredible open field I just spotted on my way back home so I probably head down there first!

    • Ah actually I didn’t get these from Macdonalds. It actually comes from those food replica sets. About $3.90 for the whole thing including the tray!

    • Yoz man, I got those from Minitoons, its selling at about $3.90 sgd a set. Very detailed and nicely done for such a price!

  7. It’s always a bit awkward taking the figures, in this case nendo, outside the home for a photo shoot. When I start taking pictures though, I stop caring about the rest of the world and just focus on the figure and the background that I want. Just make sure to be careful as it is not a controlled environment that you work around anymore ^^;;. My Blanc figure now has paint scratched off her leg because a strong gust of wind knocked her off a rock I was posing her on towards the ground. But ya, going outside is a nice experience for a photo shoot. I’m planning to do another one next week Sunday.

    • Ah you are very right about the uncontrolled environment! I have this kid who nearly wanted to take my Riannon away during the photoshoot haha! Luckily I was quick 😛 But paint scratches are unavoidable I think. I am still conscious of people looking at me though, wish I can zone out like you!

  8. haha, that is a big leap indeed 😆 The easiest way to not feel weird when taking photos in public is by bringing some friend (human friend that is). So even if we look weird in the eyes of those who didn’t understand, at least we don’t look lonely 😀

    Nice shot as always man!

    • Thanks! Haha well as much as i try to bring a living friend along, most of the time our schedule clash or they don’t have time. Looks like i got to be more thick skinned and head out my friend!

  9. Nice outdoor shots there and the effects adds a nice touch to em’. =)

    Chubbs has leveled up!
    Chubbs gains the tile of “Outdoor Photographer”!


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