Suzuki’s Fury Alternate Telling

This is an alternate storyline for Suzuki’s Fury that I did that ultimately didn’t make the cut for the Shewsbury contest. Nevertheless I decided to put it up since it featured something that I usually don’t use πŸ˜› Hope you guys enjoy this alternate retelling!

Till the next post!


29 thoughts on “Suzuki’s Fury Alternate Telling

    • hmm… the clip hehe…maybe I see how I can go something epic like that πŸ™‚

      Somehow I can find a lot of good uses for those unused Sangokuden weaposn hehe! Especially for suzuki!

    • Ah sorry bro! I understand Lu Bu is one of your favorite character ^^; Don’t worry I make sure he gets good treatment next time with nice mods!

  1. @ Xine reminds of those opening scenes you see in horror movies!! Like a lone ranger walking on a dark street with the ominous sounds of the wind blowing the leaves across the street…

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