Fate air….

Was playing around with my Tamashi stage act 4 and I got this idea to try out this particular shot of my Nendoroid Fate falling through the air. Thanks a lot in part to having watch that crazy mind boggling movie called Inception. This is a series of shots of Fate falling through the air….

Also some pictures of my setup for those who might want to know how its done. Fate’s weapon is held by blue tack.

Nendoroids can be quite heavy. So to prevent the stage from toppling, I added a counter weight to stabilize the base.

Hope you guys enjoy this series of shots!

Till the next post!


34 thoughts on “Fate air….

    • Ya man inception is a fantastic show ^^

      Ah thanks for the feedback, hehe gonna try a few more shots with Bardiche at different angles from Fate ^^

    • Thanks man! I used manual focusing instead of auto!

      Lol ecchi Kouji kun!! Care Sayaka san might be behind him πŸ˜›

  1. Nice photos. Fate look like out of power and fell down from sky πŸ˜€

    btw, bandai just released Tamashii Stage act 5. Act 4 is for human figure, Act 5 is for mecha xD.

  2. Inception was awesome. I was thinking of having one of my nendo puchis as my totem. Lol. Anyway cool idea. Maybe you can do some outdoor shots too. ^^

    • Haha that will be a very nice totem. Hmm given a choice of a nendo totem I take my nendo riannon. In reality all non twin headed nendo cannot stand by itself lol!!!

      I’ll try out doorshots soon with this!!

    • Hmm I play with my stands alot haha…wait till you see my next post for DJ’s final contest i’ll show you the power of the stand!

  3. yeah, the shots showing bardiche and fate together really give the depth feel πŸ˜€
    looks like the base is fun chubbs! but I don’t have that many figures to play….hm…..should I get more??

  4. Chuuuuubsssss!
    Dynamic idea. I can really imagine the motion of Fate falling, with all her cape and clothes and hair trailing after her.
    But yeah, for that further kinetic touch you should’ve had some buildings tilted at an angle behind her :p

    • Yoz Ningz!!! Haven’t seen ya in a while!

      Haha I’ll give a shot at having some buildings behind her or other things like trees to accentuate the kinetic feeling ^^

  5. Well you can sure use another ice bat or nendo lol!!! But heh you do have one awesome thing though…your Hi Nu!! Can use the base and do those funnel effects!

    • I’m thinking of figma michael jackson…. ^^
      my hinu’s funnels are only 4 and not able to open, hahaha, I kept the articulated funnels. Maybe can use for future projects.

      • Hmm figma MJ….but no news of when it will be launched yet! I am looking forward to Jason (revoltech) though haha!

        I am sure you will find great use for those funnels man..maybe give your geara zulu some nice upgrades!

    • Thanks! ah but i think for inception it won’t be as good on DVD though…the experience in a cinema will be hard to beat for that one.

  6. I’ve not watched Inception yet. I should and must watch it soon… since I’m having like seven free GV tickets. Thanks for reminding and sharing the Fate photos.

    • Yep I am still wondering if i am just blogging in my dreams of a dream that I dreamed last night!

      Thanks man! Inception is infectious!

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