SD Sangokuden Nightingale Updates 2

Started working on the side wings today. Puttied all the holes but still I have those 2 big gaps to fill

I decided to use some pla plating instead to cover up the holes. Also this makes the shoulder less heavy.

I first cut out for equal shapes of pla plate. Then to sand them all into equal shape i used double sided tape to tape them together so that they won’t run off during the sanding. I got this idea from reading MatX’s blog

Also created a slot at the back using putty and a 3mm drill

The spikes sharpening took a fair bit of time to correct some of the parts but I am glad i managed to do it!

Well just some small updates from me here ^^ I am really taking this build slow and easy!

Till the next post!


24 thoughts on “SD Sangokuden Nightingale Updates 2

    • Ah i am trying to zen my blog haha…remove those things that I don’t think I’ll use anyway lol…

      As for the tail that is another mod that I am still pondering how to execute!

  1. the double sided tape idea is nice πŸ˜€
    I was still using the usual masking tape for hinu, guess I’ll need to get that tape too

    • Thanks bro for the encouragement! Taking it here one step at a time! Don’t want to give up like my old wips haha..

  2. Something I like about your update, it always gives me a clear view of

    what are needed,
    what is to be done, and
    what to expect.

    Great job man!

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