A week of toy photography 2

Continuing my trend of slacking for gunpla, here are a couple of photos I took this week both outdoors and indoors ^^ First up will be tofu robot Evil Rob (ironic considering he doesn’t look evil at all!) I won’t be using the slideshow for this one as I have a few captions to put!

Next up is a metal fixed figure that my brother got for me from Australia. Did a bit of photoscape on this one! Reminds me of the Cylons though haha..

Its a long road home…

Next up are indoor shots of my nendos Melissa and Sanae from Touhou Project. This is the set up that I used….I think i’ll start making a lightbox this weekend if time permits! I tried playing around using the cloth as a backdrop. Also I used a small mirror to reflect light onto my nendoroid.

This is shot without the mirror reflecting onto Melissa.

With a mirror reflecting some light it helps to light up the front!

Gwad I just love this face….one of the funniest that I have in my possession!

Also switched to a nice green cloth for Sanae

And after a long day of photoshoot, its time to just kick back and relax by the couch….

Ah its so refreshing taking photos hehe! Have a good weekend everyone!

Till the next post!


36 thoughts on “A week of toy photography 2

  1. The one where light is reflected to Melissa really improves the picture. Ugu~!

    *gets shot to the head by nendo pics*
    Gehgeh~! Poisoned~! >.<

    *thumbs up at Sanae's pic* nguud ooub… guh… *fainted*

  2. Ya man! You have to try that out! It will help in the indoor pictures a lot!

    Hehe moar sanae poison!!! Where is Marisa when you need her hmm…

  3. Its evil alright, cutely evil! (I don’t even know if that sounds right.) :X

    Hmhm, the mirror does seem to help in illuminating the photography object. Maybe I should try it too. ^^ What mirror did you use BTW?

    • Haha cutely evil! Nice way to put it! Ah its just a normal mirror that my wife use for her makeup haha! You can substitute it with aluminum foil or any shiny surface that can reflect light onto your subject.

  4. and it think I saw chubbywife on the last pic? hehe

    and that tofu bot reminds me of a music video i saw, though i cant remember what it is,..

    • Haha yep thats my wife alright 😛

      Hmm don’t recall seeing any video with tofu boil though haha..maybe some foodchannel or something..

    • HAha thanks! That is one of my favorites too! I was thinking whether to have it in color or black or white. But some how black and white feels better 😛

  5. I wished I didnt screwed up in Metal class, I could have done those metal figgures as well, minus metal pippings, we only had copper rods^^

    Also thnx for the free photgraphy tip, will get a mirror for next time I shoot a figure

    • Ah initially I had those feelings but now I am quite immune haha! I started out with a few friends first now I can do it by my own once I am used to it!

  6. hahaha, evil tofu….yeah doesn’t look evil at all XD
    that’s a…water tap robot? It’s like an art chubbs, nice present from your bro!

    nendos and cloth work nice together I think.

    • Haha water tap robot!!! Come to think of it, it does fit somewhat…lol

      Hehe I am trying out new ways to take pictures of them ^^ Alway exploring!

    • Ah no, mine is a point and shoot that was set to macro 😛 If i have that prime 1.8 lens…whoohoo….I’ll be trigger happy the whole month ^^

    • Ah it was the last piece from a shop in austrialia! My brother got it for me on his trip there knowing the mecha fanatic that I am ^^

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