1/144 HGUC Zaku FII

I finished this Zaku a couple of months back ^^ Did the same treatment(no paint method) that i did for my RX78-2 and went further by weathering with a combination of the Tamiya weathering set and also traced a bit of silver at the edges using gundam markers. Gave a bit of smudges at some spots to weather further! I must say, I really love this kit. Not only was it a joy to build but also I felt that I didn’t overdo the weathering this time! Hope you guys like it ^^

For the rest of the pictures, i put them in a slide show for easy viewing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Till the next post!


55 thoughts on “1/144 HGUC Zaku FII

  1. What’s missing now is a HGUC GP01, then can do a Keith and Kou act from StarDust Memory.

    For the moment, I thought I just saw an actual Zaku from the desert theater.

    • Wah!! Keith and Kou!! Must find them to complete the trinity!!! Or better yet have captain burning around haha 😛

      • Lesee, Kou – HGUC GP01; Keith – HGUC Zaku-II F2, Capt. Burning – HGUC GM-79/if possible a GM-79N Custom (and… if you’re up to to it, Monsha – GM-79N also).

        • Argh……Monsha….brings back memories….

          I can still remember the opening the song…back to paradise forever…..

    • Heh yoz! Yep those weathering packs are very easy to use! Especially for people like me who are new to this idea of weathering ^^

  2. wow chubbs.. your skill really increase a lot eh, I’m gonna “smash” your blog until you transfer some of your skills to me..


    see? I’m smashing your blog now..

    • haha thanks for the compliments man. I did tried out this method on some of my old kits before doing it on this zaku ^^

  3. Hey man, you used markers to create those aged/rust/dirt look… That’s very cool man! Look so realistic from the photos. Great stuff. Try put on some tutorials next time, it will benefit those, the like of me. 🙂

    • Ah yes its a combination of markers and the weathering kit! Thanks for the compliments man! I’ll definitely do a tutorial on this ^^ I am working on one kit that will fit the bill nicely hehe.

    • Yep you couldn’t be more right. Just a nice flat coat and rub some of those weathering stuff and you will get a nice looking grunt 😛 But I did over do a bit last time on my test haha.

  4. Love it chubbs!
    It looks painted, hahah how did you do that it is great man 😀
    Now I realize I dun have a single monoeye model, flag is 3 eyed…

  5. Ah the Zaku F2 EFSF ver. I got one too, and it fits well with my GM Commands in terms of colour scheme. Your weathering work looks pretty good without any painting involved! Perhaps I should try it myself one day. Waiting for HGUC GM Kai to release so more Feddie stuff to go together in same scheme (making MS teams)!

    • It already look very nice and matt out of the box when I build this. So with a bit of flat coat and that weathering kit surprisingly it really looked painted. I fooled a couple of people too that its painted haha!

      Ah!!! More GM goodness!! We need more of these grunt units! Hmm now where is that GM sniper….

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