My Entry for Shewsbury Photocontest

A big thanks to DJ from Shewsbury land for organizing this really interesting Digirama contest. The rules are simple, must include a coke can or bottle inside the story, any figures of your choice and not more than 7 pictures! Hope you enjoy my first Digirama ‘Eat this!’

Hope you enjoy this little digirama, courtesy of Nendoroid Chiaki, her teddy, our 2 injured cosbaby Aliens and of course the coke can….

Till the next post!


44 thoughts on “My Entry for Shewsbury Photocontest

    • Ah I just finished reading your entry too man! haha! Well a nice face swap with yoko 😛 She always played the victim so why not the saviour for a change hehe!

    • Haha danger in a cute package 😀 So the next time you see a coke can flying in your direction it might be chiaki ^^

    • hehe good for a little character swap 😀 Well I seem to be putting the Aliens in a bad light….must change that in the future 😛

    • Heh welcome man 😀 Haha well usually she is the victim here ^^ But I am making the exception here haha. Hmm Alien hunter….maybe she can give the predator a run for its money ^^

    • @ Syful haha well next time man 😀 I had this idea of attaching the can to a stick and make it a hammer…then i can parody a certain super mecha show….:P

      @Aya wow thats a very dangerous idea…like Tomino ending for gundam lol!

  1. LOL, yoko cosplaying as chiaki 😀
    somehow I can imagine the voice and sound effects of a nendo and alien….hm…..this is interesting….XD

  2. Great to see you back an kicking, i too have just taken another long break from my blog for no apparent reason an have now returned. and congratulations on your marriage as well. 🙂

  3. Wow… this digirama capture the heart of those female judges… well, if I were to be the judge I will pick this one as well…. they say great stuff is hard to hide…. Congratulations and look forward to see your submission in the “Special Stage” round …

  4. Heh thanks for holding this contest DJ! A very pleasant surprise for me when i was selected the winner…I thought Sara would have gotten it instead!

    Hehe now working on the special stage round…but first I got to make a penguin for another contest ^^

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