How to create sharp spikes on your kits!

While working on my SD Sangokuden Tenshishio nightingale, I find that the spikes on the shoulders are really blunt and don’t do any justice to such a nicely designed kit. Well lets get started. First up some tools that you will need. A 1.5 and 2mm drill, a 2mm rod from evergreen plastics, plastic cement and a good old file.

If you flip the underside, notice the indentation. Take the 1.5mm and drill it right in. After that follow with the 2mm drill.

After the drilling, cut a small piece of 2mm rod and stuff it into the hole from the underside. Add plastic cement.

For now just leave that worm looking rod there for a good day so that the cement can cure.

Next take a nice bastard file, or hobby rotor and give it a nice sanding.

Followed by sanding with grit 400, 600 and 1000

Spiky!! Me likes!!

This is an alternative to using epoxy putty or getting after market parts to add to your Gundam kits. Well I hope you guys enjoy this little guide πŸ˜€

Till the next post!


30 thoughts on “How to create sharp spikes on your kits!

  1. Very nice! I wanted to try it on my Zaku back then but couldn’t figure out how because of the different design of the part. Can’t put a rod through the spike.

    • Heh thanks! Ah have you tried using putty on the spike?

      I think this method will only work if the underside is exposed and you can drill through it. I remember yours is the MG Zaku right? Thought the spikes were already very nice and sharp haha πŸ˜›

  2. Well done tutorial! I think Bandai didn’t do really sharp spikes out of child safety reason. They wouldn’t want to be sue by toy hazards. LOL

  3. hm….from what I see, the shape of the default spikes are somewhat weird?
    it’s like they are not a symmetrical cone XD

    but dont worry chubbs here to fix that, hahahahah

    • Haha well they are kind of tilted at an angle outwards. And quite flat looking so hopefully after the rework I can get a better looking shoulder!

  4. ahh, so that’s how people make their spikes sharper…I got no kits that have any spikes now, but I’m gonna try when I have one..
    4 spikes to go man ^^

  5. damn good idea, I once tried to use putty on spikes but it was way harder than this, and with some nice painting they may look even better than aftermarket ones (and definitly cheaper). Will use that in the future for sure

    • Haha thanks man πŸ˜€ Trying to cut down on cost so tried out ways to reduce putty. I saw this idea in a hobby mag but not too sure of the edition already! less expensive mods = more money for more kits πŸ˜›

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