SD Sangokuden Nightingale Updates 1

A good thing about taking thing slow, is that you can have all the time in the world to think of new ideas for your kit. While sanding Leons Gyan I came up with a few ideas on how to give my own SD Sangokuden Nightingale a very unique look. After going through for about a good hour in the gundam graveyard, I found a good enough parts that can save me from scratch building my own stuff…

The back wings are from the mobile Cgue, the wings and stabilizers are from Neue Zeil and the tail from Keroro serpent kit that I got recently from a gundam fair at Toy R Us. The concept is to make the nightingale more like a dragon. Since this is based on the Sangokuden series, dragons won’t seem to far fetch for this concept. I might have to find a better replacement for the tail though, but for now this is to show the concept that I have in mind ^^. Initially for the back thrusters I had this idea of scratch building it using plastic spoons as a base. But no matter how many times I try to think of doing it, it just won’t work so looks like I’ll have to stick to kit bashing for the time being.

The tail needs to be slightly longer and probably requiring so fins for it to look more sleek andΒ menacing. I also have in mind to replace the other hand with a shield of sorts. Then again, its only an idea for now. Β Execution is entirely a different matter…

A few more shots before I send him for the workshop again ^^

Just sharing my thoughts on this build ^^. Kit bashing can be so immensely fun! Perhaps you guys can give a try next time!

Till the next post!


32 thoughts on “SD Sangokuden Nightingale Updates 1

    • Heh thanks! Nah after the primer it will negate all the different colors ^^ But as to what color scheme now thats a different story!

  1. Adding new parts to a sangokuden is like giving Zhuge Liang a SMG(yeah i sucked at making a metaphor, and he technically revolutionized ranged weaponry)

    Its gonna be interesting how you blend in those parts with all that oriental decoration this guy has. Intrigue me^^

    • You are very right about blending in the add on parts. If I don’t rework on those added to parts to make them look oriental they will be very out of place πŸ˜€ Thats the thing with kit bashes, how to alter the parts such that they won’t looks as if they are from other kits!

    • KA ching!!! Money in haha! Nah don’t think they will copy this concept! I am sure they can come up with even more uber ones πŸ˜€

  2. hm….I cant help but imagine there are clear wing effects like destiny gundam XD
    I still have 80% overflag backpack parts….maybe will try kitbashing later hahaha

    • Well I do have those clear parts..heheh……maybe cut em out and use πŸ˜€

      Oh over flag parts…I still have mine unbuild in the box!!! And bro I don’t think you need kit bash….you scratch building skills are good enough!!

  3. Wow. This is a super colorful one and it looks very interesting too. I’d like to see the results of this guy after the workshop. πŸ™‚

  4. Ohh.. nice way to keep environment clean by using some parts from ‘graveyard’ XD lol.. the mod is really nice.. sometimes I think SD is quite nice too… almost got poisoned πŸ˜› nyahaaha

    • Haha SDs can be quite infectious πŸ˜€ I love the kits from these series. Its good to recycle unused or old kits. Beats just leaving them in the box!

    • Thanks! Wanted to give him a nice redesign instead of building him straight ^^ I am currently working on the oriental design parts hehe..

  5. my goodness.. chubbybots is really getting god-like.. i see you getting interviewed very soon by those animax pple in the future.. lolx. very nice kit-bash.. you’ve really made me appreciate SD kits more.. kudos! like always.. looking forward to wad magic you can conjure.. kero kero kero….

    • Kero kero kero…all in the great big plan to get famous and do commissions lol!!! Nah just kidding. I seem to have more ideas for kits of this scale then 1/144 or MGs. Somehow I can imagine more stuffs with them. Probably explains why I like nendos a lot lol!

      Interview haha….that would be so cool but then again..probably years away lol!! Glad you appreciate SDs man!

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