From the Mascot Parade….

Had a blast today afternoon meeting up a couple of bloggers today for the Mascot Parade at Scape theme park. Bmecha and his girlfriend, Heathorn, Leon from Open the Toy, Dennis from Collect EM all and Zh3us. Since this is my first major outing with them, most of us brought some of our figures to have our own Mini mascot parade at Heeren Macdonalds. I wasn’t really into taking photos of the cosplayers or booth events, somehow didn’t interest me for today.

Bmecha’s girlfriend brought along a set of really cute set of figurines. They are suppose to be mascots for some education campaign in Japan. Man they even get figures for teaching that is way cool I must say. My recentlyΒ acquired Robot Damashi Bonta Kun is a bit feisty about little aliens walking around, very much afraid that they might be scheming up to something.

Eins : Sagara Chan relax, look they are pretty harmless. How can such cute little creatures harm us πŸ˜€

Luckily I have my Nendoroid Eins who managed to calm Bonta Kun down!

Sagara(Bonta Kun) : Fummo fummo fummoooo!! (You shall live for today…count yourself lucky!)

Phew one less body count for today….toys can be dangerous…

Its a great having others bring down their collection to share for the photo shoot! I never would have know about this series if not for today’s meeting… a feel a bit of poison inside me……argh…

And soon more of them came…….Eins is really overjoyed…maybe get one of them to replace her Teddy?

Tachikoma, Otti and Sagara wondering what to make of the situation…looks like too much cuteness for Sagara to bear…

Looks like they have taken a liking for Otti and join him for a little nap haha…

One group photo for everyone that came today ^^

As for loots, I spotted several Nendoroids and Gunpla at reasonable prices. I preordered the RG Rx 78-2 Gundam and the new up coming Angelo Sauper’s Geara Zulu at really good prices. Also a fellow blogger today also preordered the RG haha…looks like a group build might come up soon ^^. I also added a certain pumpkin nendoroid to my collection, much to dismay of my wallet. He has gotten pretty thin these few months..

Well now to do up that Unicorn group build and David John’s contest!!

But wait….Sagara what are you doing!!

Looks like I am not the only one with loots today…..can’t let Bmecha’s girlfriend see this!

Till the next post!

Update : Also from the other fellow bloggers ^^

Bmecha : Blogger outing @ Mascot Parade and Heeren

OpentheToy : Preview gundam@Mascot Parade


42 thoughts on “From the Mascot Parade….

  1. must be nice, gathering at top of that, looking at RG RX-78 with own eyes…
    heathorn and markurius (his friend) have reported the pre-order too, must be a tempting to have many people pre-ordering it at once πŸ˜€

    as for me, I’m deeply poisoned and pre-order right after Shizoka Hobby Show.

  2. i could have walked past you chubbs. lolx. me and tako were at macs too! at the basement tho. heh. ya.. was wandering ard and saw leon and kenny doing their interview and RG RX-78.. COOL. i see a build group coming up.. hah. resisted PO-ing RG RX-78. but its only becos its slightly cheaper online.. gonna get it online. the goody bags were tempting too! tako kinda stopped me. haha. glad you guys had a blast gathering.. =) very nice figuresss… see ya ard chubbs.

    • OMG!!! Lol next time got outing must Jio you also. Actually the goody bag is quite good, cutting mat, sandpaper, paint brush, a $5 voucher to purchase other stuff and even sanding blocks. Really good bargain I must say! Ah next time we can meet ^^ You can bring your tachikomas !

      • haha.. sure! can give you my contact or smthing.. hee. but must jio tako first.. she go i sure go.. she dun go i might not be able to go. ahhaha. so henpecked. XD ya.. but tako ask me where i gonna get my compressor from…? den i keep quiet. lolx.. and since i have most of the other items.. i was more or less stepping aside, taking a deep breathe.. haha. okays.. i mus muster the courage to rescue the tachikomas from the box!! ha.. haven open yet.. keke.

        • Haha cool! I’ll email you my contact later πŸ˜› Maybe we can meet for the Gundam Fiesta in September then ^^

          Whoa a compressor! Hardware level up! That reminds me of my own…haven’t touch it like in ages! Hehe waiting for your tachikomas’ debut! Maybe they can play with my bonta kun lol!

  3. cute little bacterias from moyashimon πŸ˜€
    even sagara cannot resist, hahahahahah, nice photos as usual chubbs!!

    so one of your fellow bloggers also pre ordered the RG, I wonder who it is….. πŸ˜€

    • Hmm wonder who is the other guy who pre ordered lol!!!!

      Yep they are too tempting….just hope Bmecha don’t do a bacteria count when he gets home πŸ˜›

    • Ya man, really fun to hang out with fellow toy collectors! The feeling is really different then just blogging from home ^^

  4. haha cool figurines you guys have there. πŸ˜€ looking also on the RG I kinda love to get one myself but still have to know how much it will sell on our local market before considering

    • Heh thanks! I got it for about $37 for the preorder but i did catch a glimpse of the list price. Seems it will sell about $50 plus!!!

      Then again seeing the actual product i would say its well worth the money even at $50 plus.

    • Same here, I only knew after the boss at HAG told me about it! I think because it isn’t facing the main road that is why not many people know of this.

    • Actually I already ‘dated’ bmecha for the photoshoot so we told each other to bring down some stuff πŸ˜€ Next time we can shoot together with your macross kits!

  5. Yo! πŸ™‚ I’m Bmecha’s gf. XD Lol I see my moyashimon has been kidnapped by Bonta-kun. “Come back here you kidnapper!”

    Anyway, I’m here to poison you with more CUTE moyashimon. MUAHAHA.. this is the anime opening:

    Interesting part from episode 1:

    There’s going to be a live drama series too.

    Until next time. \(^_^)/ Cheers

    • Lol omg!!! Why you!!!!! Argh you sure know my weakness for cute stuff….argh…..I think Bonta kun will have to permanently borrow one of your Moyashimon….bacteria never looked so cute! And now for those poisonous links that you send………..kavair……..slurp!!!

    • Haha even without those creatures he already looked stressed! Gathering is definitely fun especially when we all take out our own toys to photoshoot!

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