SD Sangokuden Gyan Complete

Finally I managed to find the time to paint today. I used some left over gloss black from my spray can and dry brush with chrome silver for a nice easy statue finish 😀 Now I took a few photos before I send back this kit to its owner 😀

I’ll like to thank Leon from Open the Toy once again for giving me this opportunity to work on this SD. If it was the fact that it was glued together in the first place I wouldn’t have thought of doing a freeze art version haha! And like always a little bit of editing acting up with an alternative pose hehe….

Till the next post!


52 thoughts on “SD Sangokuden Gyan Complete

    • Heh thanks man! I haven’t seen soap stone before. It looks more like marble to me in person haha than in the photos 😀

  1. haha niiiiice the stone effect you used was not what I imagined it would be but what you did was waaaaay better than what I had in mind. 😀

  2. O.o cool effects, it really looks like those decorate statues in those chinese antique shop.

    You should build a rock stand that connect to its leg, so it looks like u crafted the figure from a big stone 😀

    then later build another one and put side by side at the entrence of your door, good for feng sui lol

    • Haha well I am doing this for Leon so this will go back to him. Maybe I do one with Ryubi, Kuan Yu and Zhang Fei in the Fu Lu Shou formation haha..just kidding ^^ As for the base, I won’t have time to finish it by this Saturday. If its for competition then I’ll seriously consider doing bases.

  3. I see.. so this is the finish version. Very nice! Very striking!
    It reminds me of those roman armored statues. They look similar to me 🙂

    • haha so will it appeal to the curator in you? haha ^^ Thanks for the compliments! I ran out of copper color if now I would have turn it into a bronze statue instead!

  4. Haha thanks for the compliments man! Whats pewter actually? Some kind of metallic finish?

    Anyway looking forward to our makan session at scape tml 😀 See ya there!

  5. I thought it was a monochrome photo effect before I “read more”. XD
    Nice, didn’t expect you to give it a statue color but it does look very nice. Good job!^^

    • Thanks dude! Haha had ya fooled for a moment XD I had in my mind right from the start to do something like this ^^.

    • Haha thanks! First time trying out with glossy black instead of flat black as a base color ^^ Glad you like the color scheme 😀

  6. *claps* this is great! I was expecting a multicolored model like I’ve seen in forums but this is just great! Nice dry-brush man! 🙂

  7. WOW!! awesome gyan!
    I love the finish, looks classy and it gives me the feel that it’s a heavy object.
    Great SD chubbs 😀

    • Thanks bro! Haha actually with the putty cloak on it is quite heavy 😛 But seriously I need to start working on bases for my own projects next round ^^…kinda of incomplete now that I look at it again!

    • Thanks man! Haha I did use a mirror to reflect some light during the photoshoot, probably that is why it turned out more shiny on the pictures 😛

    • Haha well now I am waiting to see you start on your own SD kit soon man 😛 I think you will do a way better paint job than mine!

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