SD Gyan Updates 4

Finished the final layout of the SD Gyan from the Sangokuden series. Arrange all the parts and finally get to gluing the cloak to the body. Took some pictures of this kit before I send it to the paint shop 😀 All thats left is sanding the blades on the shield and the arms.

By default the thrusters are supposed to be above the cloak. But due to the changes I swap it below instead to cover the empty space beneath.

To prevent the arms from sagging down, I glue extra pla plates to the arm joint area the raise the arms up.

Well thats about wraps up the construction phase….now on to paint!

Till the next post!


32 thoughts on “SD Gyan Updates 4

  1. this is getting better and better!
    I like how the thrusters are beneath the cloak

    you going to paint this with shading I think?

    • Haha nope…something much simpler ^^ It is a statue of sorts so it will involve just a nice coat of grey and something else 😀

      Don’t get your hopes up too high on the painting. That is one department which i am sorely lacking!

    • Woah thanks for the link! Its super useful for my future capes haha……that will save me a lot of sanding!

      Haha well don’t hope for too much on the painting 😀 That is one area i sorely lack!

    • Thank you! Lol….so many exias 😀 You can also try a battle damaged version and leave it as a figure floating mid air in space…

    • Ah if you check out my previous updates for the gyan. I used a pla plate the create a frame and then layer the putty over to get this thin.

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