Bug hunt!

There have been recent reports of black bugs attacking the innocent denizens of the Toy Room. Drossel our friendly Ojou Sama bored with her daily routine and aching for some action decides to take a walk….

Drossel : Whoo hoo I see it…could this be?

Drossel : Time to test out that kung fu system Keroro installed in me hehe…

Drossel : Hai Ya!!!!!

Drossel : Easy does it….geez thought i’ll have more fun

Drossel : Looks like I might be in time for supper tonight…

Drossel : Heh Mari Chan…I could have taken care of it myself!

Maritan : Fuck you drossel, if it wasn’t for me you be a melted pile of scrap.

Maritan : But on the other hand I can’t bare to lose a fellowΒ comrade. Especially one that is my equal.

Hope you guys enjoy this little bug hunt by my Cosbaby Aliens and Nendoroid Drossel and Maritan πŸ˜€ With that it comes to the end of the bug hunt…

or is it…

Till the next hunt!!

34 thoughts on “Bug hunt!

    • Haha surprisingly drossel is one of those few nendoroids that is actually quite articulated πŸ˜€ And for a nendoroid who doesn’t have a mouth her action speaks a lot instead haha!!

      Thanks man! Looks like Kung Fu Drossel is in da house!

    • Haha 3 of em actually ^^ Well they are sorta like the guys you thrash for a weekend haha….looks at fadil….(ok he suffered a much worse fate….)

  1. drossel is so CUTEEEEE.. makes me wanna open her right now.. lolx.. haha. wow.. so this is the 3 aliens you were talking abt.. nice! i’ve nv been so afraid of aliens in my life! XD quick! i wanna see revoltech alien!!!! i bet he’s the boss ard here.. =D

    • Haha yep indeed she is very cute!! Must quickly open her up to play! How long have you been keeping her inside haha..later she complain.

      Hehe ya these were the 3 aliens i talked about…maybe can fight with your tachikoma haha! Don’t worry…revoltech alien coming soon ^^

  2. Uwah, Aliens – 0, nendos – 2.

    Marisa: Are those dead ones for sale? I heard one could make good poti…uh… I mean soup, YEAH~! Soup! With them. *grins*

  3. Maritan and Alien FTW! Haha I need to get Maritan one of these days, I really do love her. Not as big on Drossel anymore but that Alien can never get old πŸ˜›

    • Haha well aliens are timeless enemies πŸ˜€ Maritan is my first nendoroid haha…just got to love her for the accessories and that middle finger!!

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