SD Gyan Updates 3

Worked a little bit today on filling up all the holes and the cloak…now wait for it to dry and the sanding nightmare that will be ahead of me this weekend!

The most hard part of filling was the for arm….lots of big spaces there…another sanding nightmare lol….

Scratch build additional blades for the shield. Three blades just isn’t enough.

Till the next post!!!


45 thoughts on “SD Gyan Updates 3

    • haha Gyan 7 blades. Glad you like it man. Sanding especially those epoxy putty (yellow) in color is a hell of a job lol…that one requires a bastard file to get things into shape 😀

  1. Woohoo, sanding is fun lol. The biggest sanding project I had was sanding down my entire car to give it a new paint job. I think the smallest was to get rid of a small scratch on said car before that :P. Good luck on it ^^.

    • Wow…sanding the entire car is definitely way harder than what i have here! Haha thanks! I need all the luck i can get!

  2. nice addition on the number of blade, it looks much more mean that way 😀 Do you making him in a fixed pose? if you do, then he is already in the greatest pose I can imagine

    • heh thanks! Ah yes my idea is to make him a statue. When this kit came to me it was all glued so I decided to fix all the joints fixed in the best pose possible haha 😀 The idea is like a charging stab to the enemy ^^

    • haha okay first I’ll be using the bastard file, grit 400, grit 600 and grit 1000 ^^. But since this is a cloak i’ll be going 1200 grit for a smoother finish!

  3. Ah no worries man 😀 Thanks for taking the trouble to comment even if you don’t know much about this kit!

  4. maybe u should make an army of statue, so u can make a diorama where the SDs are in sou sou’s tomb.

    BTW, China suspect that a new tomb that they found not long ago belongs Chao chao (Sou Sou).

    • Wow could it be that the San Guo story is actually real? That will be like the discovery of the century!

      But army of statue a bit hard…haha my funds are sucked up for a certain few orders hehe…

    • Ah I know what you mean 😀 As it is fixed in this pose it will be okay from what I see. However if its a possable version the fins would probably be smaller.

  5. wow.. very nice build chubbs.. you shld consider a motorised sanding file now. lolx. since you’re gonna mod more often.. or those sanding drill bits.. hmmm cant wait to see it finished!

    • Heh thanks man! Your unicorn also coming very nicely too! I do have a motorised rotor but that is mainly for getting rid of big size plastic. Are you referring to the one where you can attach the sand paper to a motorized sanding stick?

      • ha.. thanks! oh.. i’m referring to smthing like a denist’s kinda drill, those cleaning your teeth with the drill bit kind.. so you can sand and carve out the shape you wan.. HAG shld have, i’ve seen the spare sanding bits before. the motorised sanding stick isnt too good for curved surfaces like the cape and i think its hard to control. you need a muscle arm to hold the small parts.. lol..

    • No lah DJ, this is through hardwork and perseverance haha……what I have here i learn from looking thru other ppl’s wip ^^

  6. oh i really like how do your kits its as though you have thought what to do to the kit even before you start making the kit i really hope you can go a guide on scratch building as currently i am lost and do not know how to start scratch building. i do hope to see you giving me advice on how to improve my gunpla making in my blog

    • Heh thanks! What I usually do is snap fit the kit and then jot down in my memory what I have in mind to mod. Then I think about what are the things I need to do before starting and whether its doable. A lot of planning was done prior to the first cut so less chance of screw up later haha 😀

      It will be hard to write a subject on scratch building i am afraid. Your best friend will be forums as a guide. Just go through some of the links below for a start. If you have any questions just drop em here and i’ll be more than happy to help ^^

    • Haha thanks man 😀 Nah still got a lot to work but most of the main mods done…now only left the cloak!!

    • Haha actually it is due to me using scissors to cut it. When i use the scissors, the 1mm pla plates just curls up lol!! Plus i’ll be gluing them at an angle so its seems like they are bent from the pictures haha.

    • Heh thanks bro!! Haha still I got lots to work on!!! Luckily this weekend I don’t have much stuff hehe! Time to power sand!!

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