SD Gyan Updates 2

Started working on the hands today after a few days of slacking! Better get back to gunpla proper πŸ˜€ The default Sangokuden arms come with a default bend. As my idea of the fixed posed is a charging stab. I scratchbuild a straight arm joint instead. The one on the left is the default joint. The one on the right is the new arm.

Also to enhance that tilt that I needed, I used the another Sangokuden hand and added some pla plates behind to give it a slight tilt.

Also to add more dynamism, I decided to extend the cloak with pla plates. I cut a few slots on the original cloak and added some pla plates below the extended ones.

Well till the next post!

Have a good weekend everyone!


43 thoughts on “SD Gyan Updates 2

    • Thanks bro πŸ˜€ Ah at the moment i’ll leave it this way. Can’t think of a good simple way of covering it up at the moment though. Buts its quite ugly having the ankle exposed in this manner…

    • Heh yo thanks! Glad you like the idea πŸ˜€

      Haha well hopefully I can get the cape done right hehe plus there is the other hand to mod!

  1. wohoo, chubbs is master at joint mods πŸ˜€
    For the cloak, I saw a member at netmorks doing a cloak by heating a plastic sheet, the result was good.

    • Ah I tried bending by brute force lol!!! For this case it already came with a cloak so instead its more like extending the cloak to make it flow something like those you see in those spawn figurines!

      I’ll give it a shot on that cloak with heating for my later build hehe….

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