SD Gyan Updates 1

Started working on improving the lower half of the body these past few days. I wanted to give it a more dynamic feel so using pla plates and my trusty saw I did a few mods for this freeze art 😀

Now the test fit!

Just a short update from me tonight! Now to recharge in bed lol….

37 thoughts on “SD Gyan Updates 1

    • Thanks! Oh I used those Hasegawa saws to get those cuts. There are several types. (Probably take some pictures and show em here later) I just use sandpaper 600 and 1000 grit, after that to smoothen out the cuts ^^

    • Haha thanks man! It the one of the arms but after much fiddling I guess i’ll have to slice it off and straighten it!

  1. Wow, you went on a hiatus, and suddenly come up with this kind of modification? Do you went like meditating on a mountain or something LoL
    the articulation looks nice already. And i finally know how to make the ankle articulation wider

    • Haha well in Singapore we hardly have anything that can be called a mountain 😀 Nah i was mopping the floor prior to this..somehow I was thinking about the mods while doing household chores ^^

    • Heh thanks! I was thinking of a way to get around the problem of the kit already being glued at certain spots so I figured might as well just glue the whole thing like those standart figurines 😀

  2. Nice move, that is quite a common trick in HGUC but I hardly see it for SD! I shall try that on my other SDs 😀

    btw I’ll start to update my blog once I got my stuff settled, which is very soon.

    • Thanks man! I don’t think i see it for HGUC kits though so far. The only 1/144 kit that i saw being done this way was from ZDs post 😀

      Haha good to have you back man! Maybe can go on another toy at the CSC 😀

  3. Wa, heavy mods…… I love to try some out, but I will need to get the Saws first….. I remember you telling me the set cost 30++ right? Haiz…… Maybe some time in the future…..

    • Just skip one kit and you can have enough to buy that one set already 😀 Trust me its fun cutting things and reattaching em!

    • Ah I cut one large piece, attach to the place glue it and just trim the excess off when it dries 😀 Its take too long to precisely measure the part and its much easier to work from sizing down a larger piece.

    • Haha only the joints man 😀 Luckily the flood only affect the town area. My house is on high ground so I am safe at the moment! But as a precaution I packed my stuff high up already lol!

    • Thanks! Ah with careful planning and measuring its not really that hard. But I did failed terribly for my previous cuttings haha…luckily those were tested out on old parts!

      You need to look at the part carefully and decide where to cut. Planning where to cut is a must!

    • Haha thank you man 😀 Wanted to try out something different this time! Experimenting a lot with pla plates to come up with this hehe ^^

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