New evil…

After Raspberyl’s humiliating failure to control genosaurer and the defeat of her own zoid she ventures into the unknown realms of this new world, desperate to find a new power. (Click here to read the previous backstory) Trodding through the landscape with what remains of her army….

As they say, fortune favors the bold and today, her search ends…..

Looks like things are heating up!

Till the next post!


40 thoughts on “New evil…

  1. OMG~!


    A rare item~! A Tomy ZOIDS that is self powered~! What in the name of all that’s holy did you managed to find… THAT?~!

    All in all, a good find. Approves.

    • The moment I saw that on the sale counter….i quickly grab it and went straight to the cashier!!

      Its definitely rare…I can hardly find zoids locally already. I just happen to pass by this really quite shopping centre and Metro was having this toy sale…and whoa….I was damn lucky to find this!

  2. Another person giving you ABSOLUTE APPROVAL for your new loot!! *____*

    It may not be as !COMPLICATED! or !CHALLENGING! as Kotobukiya kits, but I’m sure you’ll have a great time building this kit nonetheless. It’s solid stuff. Enjoy yourself, and I want WIPs! 😉

    Can’t wait to see what magic you’ll work with this classic kit!

    • Haha its pure joy getting this classic kit. I remember as a kid I saw this!! But didn’t have money to buy it then and my parents wouldn’t allow!!

      Don’t worry 😀 Wip will be plenty hehe!!!

      Ah the joys of good old toys !!


    i was stupid back then not buying those kits, thinking they will never ran out. >.<

    • Oh where you stay Erazer? Locally only a few stores carry them like BHG, Metro and OG…other than that will be the highly expensive kotobukiya versions..

      But thats the thing about toys…just want you think they have stock, and the moment you decide to get em they just disappear!!

      • Philippines. before ZOIDS and Gundam shelves are what I usually visit on toyshops. now I’m full of regret not getting the Lightning Saix and Blade Liger.. even though they are not very articulate gotta love those motors

        • Oh my…blade liger… but luckily they will be releasing the revoltech version for both the blade liger and genobreaker!! Then again, somehow these classic toys reminds me of the time when I was a kid. Toys were much simpler back then and how much joy they bring!

    • Haha the box alone is a clear indication of how big the kits gonna be! If you are interested i found it at City Square haha…

    • Haha its really a great get my friend 😀 Its akin like getting those really old first gen transformer toys or gundam kits ^^ Very nostalgic find!

  4. A deathsaurer! Have one as well, that monster screams “look at me” with those huge 1 piece claws and all those pointy teeth!

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