Your turn!

I want to try something different for a change. So instead of me deciding on how to end this story I figured why not let you guys have the fun of deciding whether poor Chiaki gets to live after her short encounter with a facehugger. I set up a simple poll below so choose carefully. I’ll be closingΒ  this poll on till coming wednesday June 16th. After that I’ll be shooting the ending based on the result of the poll!

Now to fix a certain ride for raspberyl hehe….

32 thoughts on “Your turn!

  1. How about, some new character appear (say like my pervert Shocker Rider), have sex with the dead body of Chiaki and right after the ejaculation moment… Chiaki suddenly wake up and alive…. 3 months later, she’s pregnant… hahahaha

    • Lol I can’t imagine the baby….wait wouldn’t that make Chiaki a zombie if she wakes up like that haha!!!

      Hmm pervert shocker rider……

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