Chubbs Field Report : Bandai Mid Year Compy 2010

Hello everyone, just came back from Takashimaya today and I must say what a feast for the eyes this time round. Not only did they improve the booth display but also the lighting is so much better making it much more easier to take photos. This is my first field report with my FZ35 with manual focusing which makes it so much easier! And I managed to caught up with Heathorn who was there too ^^. Talk about a small world. Well enjoy the pictures!

Really love how the purple color turned out on this one…really cool pose to compliment it too!

Another master piece of a Sinanju by Toymaker.

A closer shot of the base

A very interesting concept here! Reminds me of Hastune Miku ‘the world is mine’ figure

Gwad, I need to experiment with led lights…looks fantasic!

I pity the poor zaku…it stood now chance against the might of the Musha Gundam!

I love this pose…

I’ll stay very very far away from this blue frame!

Poor Guntank getting owned by a gouf!

Very interesting take on the MG Wing Gundam

This one gets my shiny award mech!

Last but not least this is my favorite entry!

Very nice kit bash and SRW type colors! Just love the pose and combination ^^

Had a blast photographing such great works…can’t wait to see what master pieces will come up for the year end! Hope you guys enjoy the pictures and trust me, seeing the real thing is the best 😀

Till the next post!


51 thoughts on “Chubbs Field Report : Bandai Mid Year Compy 2010

  1. yeah it’s a small world……
    nice shots chubbs! sharp and good color rendering index
    why no photos of me? hahahah

    • Lol dude you are not a gundam haha!!

      But heh great meeting you there haha in person 😀 Its really a small world here!

    • Heh thanks Dennis! What really helped was the manual. Cos the glasses were quite reflective and there were so many lights!

    • One of the better color schemes for Sinanju. 😀 Now i am waiting for that rozen zulu which is also purple ^^

  2. I was there today but i didn’t see you….Oh ya,i went to play digimon^_^ll.Lucky i didn’t submt my entry..,it will be a total disgace against the others=.= But that didn’t mean that i gave up,i was just finding a changce…

    • Ah when i was there, there was this digimon battle going on stage? Were you in it?

      I also, lol the entries are really nice this year!

    • Haha me too, I just stood there like a fanboy around the displays for like a good hour!

      Thanks! Maybe one day I can report on your work too 😀

  3. I was there on Friday night after my work and quickly take some photos using my mobile phone. I have to say your photography did more justice of the work displayed. Did you get any gunpla?

      • Haha sure thing man 😀 Thanks!! Luckily the FZ35 quite easy to work with! But i didn’t get any gunpla though…and i got something else haha….

        But i nearly wanted to grab some of those toy story figurines haha…or maybe wait for the revoltech version to come out!

    • Haha well we sure can 😀 If you have a chance of coming here its on till the end of the month so can catch it before it ends!

  4. What’s the red MS before the purple Sinanju? Looks like some kind of custom model to me somehow, but the very distinctive Stutzer winch unit really caught my attention there!

    • Its actually a modified Sazabi if i am not mistaken. But nevertheless its a very nice custom made Sazabi complete with such a nice base diorama!

  5. the works are really great.. its like they are on a competition. kinda like the same kind of works when I go on a BAKUC competition here.

    • Haha well its the mid year competition for us here 😀 Can’t wait to see what the local gunpla community can come up with for the year end Bakuc!!

    • Oh you mean the customize version or the normal version? I prefer the orange customized one 😀 I just love the look!

      I thought they have like bakuc events in your country? Probably you would be able to see something similar to what we have here!

  6. Great photos and coverage. Awesome work being displayed. Wish I was there, too! I am sure I would be there hours on ends like a kid looking at candies 🙂

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  8. Walao eh… so many gundam made by the talented and skillful people… I envy eh… wish I was there…. lucky u post the photo.. at least can peak from ur blog…. sigh…

    • Haha no problem bro 😀 This bodes well for the local gunpla community base on what we have for the mid year! If you are still in Singapore you can catch it ^^

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