53 thoughts on “Aliens…

    • Heh thanks divine! I tried to capture the story with my photos, experiment with all the angles and mood 😀 Glad you like it!

  1. I can’t believe it, you actually got the revoltech Alien. LOL I was originally gonna get it, but afterwards I felt it would be scary to have that on my desk. So I didn’t get it. haha

    • GG to be honest, I have plans to get a few more lol…after fiddling and playing with it…its really a nice break when I am not painting or doing mods haha!

      The organic feel and look really gives one the creeps! I kept it near my gundams just in case haha…and god gundam right next to him ^^

  2. NOOOOOOOO!! *Opens up Plot hole* Ill kill it with FIRE!!

    Though I hate kayados inconsistent joints in his mecha, but I sure as hell would love his Organic work, and that face eater, is “really cool”

      • Haha Gunstray, that will be an entirely new breed! Don’t impregnate the victims just eat their faces off 😀 The joints for this are quite okay. Guess i was lucky on this box!

        I don’t mind having Jason vorhess though….Kruger will be quite scary…

    • Haha probably over the weekend man 😀 I think now my room need your pestkiller group!! My aliens are multiplying!

    • Haha you know me well man……that scene is quite a challenge but I have something in mind and hope i can show it!

      The details are really stunning for this small guy that I couldn’t agree more!

  3. Nice! I didn’t know the facehugger was that detailed o.o I haven’t taken mine out yet, too busy with Alien itself LOL

    And nice way of sticking the facehugger on the bottle, you put the tail under the bottle wrapper right?

    What will happen to Chiaki?! Is an alien gonna spurt out of her? Damn you and your cliffhangers T.T” now I can’t wait to see the next post xD

    • Lol! Actually I had the same thing like you. I started playing with the alien first, completely ignoring the egg and the face hugger. But the alien itself is already one crazy revoltech to play with (especially creeping on wips haha!)

      Oh what I did was using a bit of blue tag. As the water is slightly bluish due to the blue plastic, the blue tag isn’t that visible when you don’t focus your shots on it ^^ Makes the hugger looks as if its hanging mid air!

      Haha….I am trying that scene out haha….keep your fingers cross it works..but then again….i’ll have to kill chiaki for that 😀

  4. chiaki is always a perfect victim, before ein, and now this alien 😀
    from what I heard, alien design is inspired from the shapes of human genitals….. >.<

    btw where did you get that chubb? I think i'll get one too, and queen alien as well

    • Hmm wonder which genitals are we talking about here lol!!! Yep shes the perfect victim haha!! (used to be keroro though…)

      Oh I got this at douby ghaut right at those hobby shops near the cinema ^^ I did saw one left at China Sq Central at $45 ! Grab it quick!

      I might get like 2 more haha….3 is a charm..

    • Haha same thoughts bro same thoughts! This alien is quite fun to play around! Plus the work better in swarms ^^

  5. *insert that eerie background music that you’ll always hear in horror sci-fi movies*
    It looks like chubb’s new home is being infested with some nasty aliens. XP

    • Haha nah for the moment only one 😀 But there are several new threats….

      Hmm errie sci fi music….maybe put the sound track from ‘the thing’ 😛

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