Tenshishio Sazabi Compiled WIPs.

I have been working a bit on this SDs before my wedding so this is a sort of catch up post here hehe. This is a compilation of all the mods that I have done so far. (Besides the usual sharpen of the fins)

Firstly I did a monoeye mod using pla plates and left over sprues behind the visor. Took several tries to get something that I am happy with.

Also I filled up the holes with putty for his helmet and extended the fin in the middle with putty and plaplate. I accidentally scraped off a portion which will require filling in later.

Used a leftover SD hand for the mid section.

Also filled the horns and sharpened the edges. Extended the neck by 2mm.

Also gave the arms articulation with Koto MSG parts.

And the mod that took me a couple of days to get it right…..giving articulation to the legs!

Domon, you are not the only one who can do a high kick now!

Learned a lot from all the mods that I have done with this guy. Right now I am working on doing the back pack which hopefully Β I can post up together with Leon’s SD kit during the weekend!!

Till the next post!


29 thoughts on “Tenshishio Sazabi Compiled WIPs.

  1. those mods are no easy chubbs, you really getting serious this time, hahaha
    the articulation mods are great!

    tenshishio sazabi….but it looks more like nightingale….

    • Ah its sazabi with mask on! Its able to convert to a regular sazabi (who will want to do that if you can have nightingale instead!)

      You sure sound like Giroro lol! Keroro you are really serious this time!! (But somehow keroro always ends up a flop….hopefully i won’t be like that!)

    • Thanks! Thought your sonsaku has those ankle articulation already? One thing that i really want to figure out doing is changing those eye expressions that i see in those gunpla magazines!

      Or even better, switch heads like nendos haha πŸ˜€

    • Thanks bro! Yep that large spot its glaring at me lol!! Need to clean that up but putty is a bitch to sand πŸ˜€

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