From Open The Toy….

A few weeks back I got this really cool SD Gyan from Leon (From this very cool blog call Open The Toy) who asked me to help him paint it. As I promise him that I’ll tackle this little guy after my wedding so here are some shots before I go ahead and mod haha! Very honored to do something for a fellow buddy blogger 😀 Plus having a free kit to mod really gets me in the mood to start my gunpla engine again!

I had a good look at this kit last night after a nice dinner with close friends. After fiddling around I toyed with some ideas for mods. Some mods that I have in mind might include articulation mods to the waist, legs and arms. The neck needs a little bit of raising to give it a more menacing look. I might try something out for the eyes like what I did for my Tenshishio Sazabi(which i’ll post again later once I dig it out from my current mess of a stash…). The shield however is very loose so that will require some modding to make it stable. I kind of like how the prototype colors look. Look like a statue to me now instead haha!

Just got to love these SD sangokuden kits…choked full of details at a decent price 😀

Now time to bring out the cutting mat….

Till the next post!


28 thoughts on “From Open The Toy….

    • Haha I need all the luck man 😀 I feel Sangokuden versions even for Dom, GP02 looks much better than their anime counter parts on a whole.

    • I just found out the whole kit is actually cemented together. So I won’t be doing mods. Just straight painting 😀

    • Haha not really commission lah bro 😀 More like helping out a friend with his kit ^^ But I when i tried disassembling i realized all the parts were actually cemented. So probably do a statue version or something….no mods just straight painting 😀

  1. Sangokuden are nice 😀 it’ll push your skill to the limit and the kit looks cute. This one is gonna need an insane amount of patience to finish it, good luck 😀

    • heh thanks for the encouragement 😀 But i just checked the kit i realized its all actually glued together when I tried to disassemble it…

  2. Haha, that’s pretty cool. I didn’t know they released a series like this. I can’t remember right now but did this one show up in the Three Kingdoms SD Gundam anime thats showing now? I think some of their designs are pretty awesome. Might just start picking up gundams again lol.

    • Haha you should give this series a try! Not only are they highly detailed but they go easy on the wallet 😀 But to paint them… thats another issue haha…

  3. SD Gyan does look cool even without color. But most importantly, welcome back! How’s your married life so far? I bet you must be enjoying it huh. 🙂

    • Haha well very very fun especially at night!! hahah!! I am very lucky to find one who can accept having a ‘big’ kid in the house.

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