My first camera!

A big thanks to David John from Shewsbury land for recommending me this camera! Officially this is the first camera that I actually own and I am loving every moment of it! Previously I have to thank my wife for lending me hers and now hehe time to take this baby for a nice spin. I took some test shots outdoors this afternoon during lunch. Enough talking and hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

Some shots of the a very famous local temple in Bugis area.

I must say, this camera is not only easy to use but also nice and fits into my small bag easily ^^. There are many functions that I have yet to explore so hope to use more of it in the future!

Of course I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of a kit that I recently acquired hehe….

Couldn’t resist a little bit of photoscape edit haha!

Till the next post!!


58 thoughts on “My first camera!

    • Heh thank you! Haha I have yet to try the video as of this moment. Maybe it will come in handy for stop motion projects ^^

      Oh this is the HGUC version nice and light on the wallet!

  1. welcome back bro! nice to see you are back haha anyway nice camera you have there i am thinking of a camera upgrade for myself as well from my digicam to a DSLR am thinking of a Canon 550D but yours seems interesting=) hope to see more of that new camera of yours being used (with posts of your reception of course haha)


    Gundam Fighto



    that is the new HG kit i guess hehe

    • Heh thanks bro πŸ˜€ I initially thought of getting a DLSR but the price was way above my budget. So after looking around and thanks to recommendations I decided on this one instead. Don’t want to over invest in something that expensive at this moment!

      Haha yep its the new HG kit…now all i need is his damn horse and master gundam!

      • just shout very very loud lorrrrr FUUNNNNSAKIIII and then you will hear the ehehehehehehee sound from around you hahahaha

        i really want them to release the Master Gundam in HG=) tofofohai dont know how to spell it correctly or is it tupai???? hahahah

        • haha well hopefully they’ll release in combination pack of master gundam with his ride πŸ˜€ If I am not mistaken its should be in chinese tong fang bu bai…not too sure of the Japanese equivalent though

    • Epic hot blooded domon kashu πŸ˜€ I definitely can’t pass him up haha!!

      Thanks! This camera is really good πŸ˜€

  2. Hehe ZD, all i need now are some enemies πŸ˜€

    Gundam fighto!! Maybe Exia vs God Gundam since they are both melee type ^^ Orz!!

  3. I thought you have a Olympus camera? Great shots you have there especially the 3rd shots of the lions outside the temple as you even took the “No photography” sign. LOL

    You got your G Gundam so fast? It is a master pieces nevertheless for HG.

    • Ah my olympus camera died on me so I got as a replacement. Haha i didn’t realized the no photo sign was in that shot lol till you mentioned…guess I was too trigger happy to noticed!

      Hehe I actually got it from HAG last week and have been working on it for a while ^^ Its a definitely a master piece for a HG. The next kit will be your SD as promised!

  4. Some great shots there! I am thinking of getting a DSLR but still find it too pricey. Good thing my current point and shot still take good pics of my toys. Hee! Hee!

    • Heh thanks man! This actually qualifies as a point and shoot haha based on what my friend DJ recommended. Its something in between a DLSR and a point and shoot. As I like to take shots in the evening with different lighthing setups, I needed something where i can manually focus but without the hefty price tag of a DLSR πŸ˜€

      But heh your shots are already very good for a point and shoot…imagine the possibilities with upgraded hardware haha!

    • From what I gather it can change to a wide angle lens but the shopowner told me it isn’t necessary though. The default one is good enough!

    • Haha thanks!! Just a quick relaxing snap fit to get me back in the gunpla mood πŸ˜€ I only touched up areas with gundam markers. I don’t plan to even top coat it though haha. Just let it sit there ^^

  5. LOL in the “test7” picture, it clearly shows no cameras allowed, and yet you still took a picture. Tsk tsk tsk! Hahahahahha jk jk xD

    Awesome shots man, really clear and brightly coloured? Great upgrade! Oh and the HGFC God gundam looks nice! I dunno if I should get it since I just bought the MG..well not recently but it’s the last kit I bought LOL I really like the face better than the MG, only thing I hate is the fact that Bandai didn’t make a yellow piece for the, erm chest piece when revealed, and the ugly sticker that’s given instead of a jewel looking type. You think the HG is worth it? Maybe I should get it anyway since I love the G gundam mobile fighters xD

    • Haha well I didn’t notice that till you guys pointed it out. I count myself lucky that I was able to take that shot then!

      I tweak the settings a bit to get those colors hehe! Oh in fact for the yellow chest piece its actually all molded in blue….which is quite a let down though considering this is from their HG series. I used a gold gundam marker instead for that area though. But what sold me on this kit were the hands, 2 orange hands, two closed hands, two open hands and another two kung fu style hands….lots of room for playing haha!! I had tons of fun with this kit! Get it man!

  6. wow, beautiful shots!
    Bugis fu lu shou area πŸ˜€

    those were result of default settings? o.O awesome chubbs!
    How is hg god? I find the proportion is a bit weird from dalong’s review >.<

    • Thanks! Well i did a bit of tweaking to the settings haha. Tried several test shots and picked the best one out ^^

      Oh as for the proportion what I do find weird are the legs…kinda short when looked at from certain angles. Gives the God gundam a very fat look haha….

      *Chubbs sees a red ball of light coming at him…

    • Heh thanks πŸ˜€ i got it for about $515 inclusive of the 8bg memory card, one cash and a filter for the lens ^^

    • Woah bro! Long time no see! Missed your revoltech post man! Where have you been? I am itching for another outing with your tachikoma πŸ˜€

      Haha RAW will eat my memory up man. I’ll give it a shot when I am shooting scenery shots!

  7. is that camera still semi-dslr?
    with that price tag, well I recommend DSLR ones though.

    nice god gundam too.
    I would buy him if just there are no streams of new gunplas till end of year lol.

    • I initially though of DLSR camera’s but the technicality and complexity of DLSR is a big no no for me. Plus I don’t think i’ll go that far with photography. Just something good enough to take nice pictures of my toys and better than the point and shoot ^^

      This year is a killer for my wallet!! Too many good releases !!

    • Thanks! Canon seems to be very popular among most of the people I know. My friends haven’t heard of lumix though.

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