I am back!!

Phew! These few months have been a crazy ride for me. Finally I settled down in my new place, set up all the internet, work desk kitchen and officially kicked myself off the single list on 21st May this year. Things still feel pretty new to me here so its takes some getting used to for me and my wife. Nonetheless we are both really excited and finally looking to a much awaited rest in June from all the wedding preparations. The pace was crazy during the last week for our wedding. I feel like a CEO with all the constant calls and last minute situations that crop up that required my attention haha!

Then again it feels great to be back to having my time to blog again! Despite my 2 months hiatus I haveΒ receive lots of encouraging comments and I really want to thank you guys for everything. With you the readers this little blog couldn’t have gone on to what it is today!

But also its sad to find some of my friends disappeared from the blogosphere. Rockleelotus, Bmecha, Lylibellue & Moemoekyun you will be sorely missed and I wished you all the best in whatever lies ahead for you and thanks for being part of this blog’s little journey. Also I have lots to catch up on all you guys and gal’s blogs!

And of course the buying never really stopped haha(I added 2 kits to my stash haha! Will reveal em in due time)….anyway here are a few pictures of my toys in their new homes…

As for my little toys, Riannon is making herself comfortable in my shelve with her new friends ^^.

Wonderful gifts from my aunts.

I shifted only a few of my collection from my old room at the moment. Still have lots to shift and unpack..

And my 2 new addition to the ugly doll family hehe!

My Zeon units on display beside my TV.

Yoko finding herself in the company of new friends..

And Eins sitting happily on my desktop.

However….with the new place….comes new threats…

Till the next post!!!


65 thoughts on “I am back!!

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome Back Bro ^^

    hoho, Alien makes his first appearance XD

    hmmm…that 2 new kits are quite suspicious XD but sure you’ll reveal them soon =D

    (Intervention successful)

    • Buahah, sorry man no prizes for being first lol πŸ˜€ But thanks for the welcome bro!!!

      One of the kits is really one of my favourites..will debut them in due time!! Will Alien claim his first victim hehe….

    • Haha thanks!! Well I didn’t have time to pack them in lol! Nah no zaku / gundams were sacrificed for the wedding πŸ˜€

  2. YO welcome back chubbster! Congrats on getting married ;D and that alien looks freaky~ Can’t wait till I receive my own one to terrorize my whole house LOL Great to have you back in the blogosphere xD

    • Haha thanks for the big welcome man πŸ˜€ Got to love the alien revoltech ^^ Now i am waiting for the queen and predator to come out hehe!! Its a scary new room out here!

  3. Wow, welcome back man! Looks like you ninja-ed a HG Astraea out of nowhere! (Or is that a 1/100? lol)
    Alien strikes! Careful not to get facehugged….. LOL.

    • Heh thanks! Nah that was ninjaed way even before i started blogging πŸ˜€ I don’t mind getting the 1/144 though considering all the weapons that it has!

      Lets just hope eins doesn’t get face hugged πŸ˜€

  4. welcome back πŸ˜€
    and congrats for your new life
    the wedding statue looks cute, hahaha

    btw what happened to rocklee?

  5. Walao eh…. so many things happen with your life in the past few months… steady eh…. enjoy the next adventure of marriage life bro there is sugar and spice but with lots of love (and love making LOL), everything will end up on a fine conclusion surely…. don’t play play…

    About the camera, too bad your old camera finally die… well, there is always room for new one if and when the cash permit…. I guess you will go for DSLR now huh?

    Apart from DSLR which is surely good and costly… but if there is still little space in your heart for digicam – I would suggest Panasonic LX3 or Panasonic FZ35 or Canon G11…. though at the end it’s what you want that matter…

    • Haha DJ my man I know what you mean by sugar and spice ^^ As for the love making haha…now just enjoying the process buahaha!! I don’t think i can post a work in progress for mini chubbs lol πŸ˜€

      Ah i did considered getting the LX3 initially but I think a DSLR will take me further after my experience with my old camera that just died! But thanks for the other recommendations, i’ll take a look at those ^^

  6. Welcome back man! Sounds like you had a busy but good month there. I too had a really busy month but unfortunately not so much in a good way ^^; At least it’s now over and I should have a bit more free time to myself – at least I can start catching up on peoples’ blogs too.

    And oooh Revoltech Alien! Haven’t seen it being reviewed on English-speaking blogs so I am looking forward to see more of it here~

    • Heh hope things turn out better for ya. I also got lots to catch up on everyone’s blog!! Haha this will be one of the first of the many appearances by Alien! The details are absolutely stunning for this one. Well worth the price imho πŸ˜€

  7. Hey welcome back man! πŸ˜€ I wish you all the best and may you have a wonderful life with your wife. Is she aware of your Gunpla ‘addiction’? πŸ˜›

    • Thanks for the well wishes! Haha she is very well aware of my hobby and fortunately for me, she is very understanding!

  8. Yay, welcome back! C: Congrats on getting married!

    Looking forward to your posts! xD Curious as to what new kits you bought, and woah, Revoltech Alien! Was planning to get that as a present for a good friend but had to pass it up because I didn’t have the cash back then. *laughs* Also, you got a new camera? The colours of the pictures look so crisp and clear – I like!

    • Haha I couldn’t resist that Alien…wait till the predator and alien queen comes out!! Hehe one of the kits is from Gundam 00 and the other a HGUC kit ^^ Ah sadly my old DSLR camera died so its back to using the point and shoot at the moment! The pictures you see here have been tweaked by photoscape haha! Thanks for the well wishes!

  9. woot!!! Welcome back and congrats!! new blog layout !! O_o… Alien!!!!! lol…

    I really like the new black blog layout.. very dark side lolol

    I wonder does ur nendos got abused my ur wifey? XD

    cant wait to see ur new 2 kits haha

    • Well she does fiddle with them for a while πŸ˜€ But if i am naughty she threatens to put them permenently out of the house haha!!

      I wanted something really different from the previous one and I loved this new theme ^^ Good to be back hehe! As for the 2 new kits..one of em is coming out soon…

  10. With all that preparations Im pretty sure That wedding went better than expected or “Just as planned” ^^;

    Those gifts from your Aunts are so CUTE, No offence Rianon, but Im immune to nendo love.

    I dont know whether who to fear for, but Im probably moar concerned for the alien…

    • Haha well its went nearly just as planned…lots of hiccups along the way but luckily I had a good bunch of brothers to help me out! I think you might have a point on alien being more afraid instead of eins…

  11. Wah! Welcome back bro! It is being a long time, man! I can feel your happiness, this is cool! Well, need I say more? Happy living, happy blogging! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks bro!! Haha yep its tiring but heh I am really happy to have our own house and living together πŸ˜€ Enjoying every moment and even better blogging about it haha!

  12. Hey, welcome back! nice revoltech alien hehe.. look forward for the next diorama πŸ˜‰

    My wedding 6 more month to go.. after that, less toy for me.. T_T

    • Haha I have a few ideas for that dio – drama haha πŸ˜€

      Oh my 6 more months! But time will fly very fast my friend πŸ˜€ I remember planning for my wedding last year and now I am living with my soulmate ^^. I am lucky my wife doesn’t restrict my toy buying as long as i give her a treat once in a while haha!

    • heh thanks! Yep now each of them have a nice dedicated space and they are definitely happy πŸ˜€ But the revoltech alien is the outcast haha so its planning some invasion of sort hehe..

  13. Even though I already said it in the chatroom, I’ll say it again.

    Welcome back and congratulations!
    I actually saw your status message on FB but forgot to reply back (was rather busy late last month). XP
    Otherwise… show us your new house! XD

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