Snapfit snapshot SD Lu Bu

I did a quick snap fit of my Lu Bu last night for a quick gunpla itchy fingers fix. Of course a few snapshots of this really bad ass villian 😀

One thing I love about this edition in comparison with his previous version is that they gave clear purple parts for the head armor and skirt instead of metallic. Clear plastic is so much easier to work with! Gawd I love the gloss black for his halbert….looks like I can save on paint for that one!

I love the look of his head……very very evil looking….plus his clear purple piece makes for a very nice play with the lights from the TV 😀 Bandai is very generous with the clear parts for this kit. Even gave his visor a clear green…

Lots of gold to be painted later….look at all those add on armors!

One thing I like about Lu Bu that is different from the other kits from this series is that he has a slot below for an action base to be used 😀

And for those who are curious about the older version and how it looks like fully painted….

Shamelessly grab this from Yaya blog’s.…a world of difference between an unpainted and painted SD…..

Well thats another short post from me today. Next will be a snap fit photos of Sonken and also a certain Mobile Armor too 😀 This weekend I’ll be busy with wedding preperations as usual so no work in progress this weekend…and dank i am slacking on my exercise again!!

Till the next loot!!

59 thoughts on “Snapfit snapshot SD Lu Bu

    • Oh thanks for the info …woah so he gets defeated and revives as good guy thats so cool. That will never happen in the actual sanguo series.

  1. I got this kit recently but I resisted to give it the snap fit treatment just for easier painting. ^^
    Anyway, nice photoshoot there. I really wanna see the final product of him here!

    • haha thanks!! Will be working on him soon 😀 Once my new house done will starting clearing my painting back log ^^

      Oh so you leave the parts on the runners to paint?

      • Nope, instead, I will remove them from the runners, paint them and leave them to dry in boxes.
        Haha, but for some reasons, whenever I leave parts to dry, I would leave them for days, and start other models without even completing them yet. =(

        • Haha well mine is slightly different, i’ll mod..sand prime and put aside in the boxes and start modding on other kits!!!

          Well that explains the tons of backlogs lol…..

      • lol!! Obligatory ‘badass’ quote 😀

        I love the clear purple instead of the metallic one which they gave in the previous version! oh by the way is your horse the red colored one or the regular white one?

  2. Don’t tempt me XD haha.. The only SD gundam i didn’t collect is this dynasty warriors. Their weapon is tempting me.. i think is quite hard to paint then the normal SD gundam.

    i like Yaya’s masterpiece =3

    • The problem is one you start on one of them….you’ll be tempted to get them all…don’t walk down this dark road that I take….But on the other hand…their weapons can be combined with one another and you can kit bash your very own kits as their parts are nearly all exchangeable!

      Yaya is godlike when it comes to painting…plus its all handbrushed….

    • Just can’t pass this guy up…..the details, epic weapons…..can’t say no to such a mighty halberd!!!

      Looking forward to your work man!!!

    • Haha reminds me of Sinanju too, just look good standing 😀

      Not too sure how he got revived but a few of the readers might know the backstory to it. Me I just love the kit 😀

  3. The detail on his armor is awesome 😀
    Some people think that SD kits are the easiest kit to build, some are even recommend it for beginners…but I think they are all wrong because they only judge it from the size and prize. SD kits are way harder than HG, its so small and detailed.

    • Haha man you couldn’t be more right on that!! I was one of those who actually recommended it for beginners at first but when i first build my own Sangokuden i realized how detailed they are!! Its masking and painting hell!!!

    • Haha no man ^^ I don’t have the skills to handpaint something like that!! But Sangokuden kits really look good painted!!

  4. Ah, I saw this one at HAG today
    it’s riding a horse, this model comes with a horse?

    btw the painted version looks really really nice!

    • Ah this version doesn’t come with the horse. The one you saw was the older one 😀 But that set comes with a lot of cool stuffs 😀 Gonna do a post on that soon ^^

      Haha the painted version is done by yaya 😀 One of my idols when it comes to Sangokuden SDs!

  5. EXERCISE!!! i know breaking your rx78 rifle with your new strength was discouraging but its actually a good thing 😛 Lol maybe you can get a stationary bike and pedal away while snap fitting kits XD

    snap fitted, this kit looks evil. lots of bling, clear purple parts look like purple flames! and dark axe plus antenna looks cool.

    • Lol… at this rate I can jog and sand at the same time. Cool 😀 Then i’ll be looking like a certain ‘male’ figma after 2 hg kits haha!! Just got to love clear parts for the armors, they are so much cooler than normal plastic ^^

      Next time i’ll just break of pla plates with brute strenght and punch holes with ma fingers lol 😀

  6. fiorgot to tell u! the cheap price of BB sengokuden from what i mentioned before is a bootleg TT Hongli BB, not Bandai. Thats why its so cheap. But I think that u don’t wanna to buy bootleg, isn’t it? I think also that bootleg can only be used as spare parts or experimental sybject for modification…

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