SD Tenshishio Sazabi

Snap fitted my BB Senshi Tenshiho Shibai Sazabi and also take this opportunity to introduce this series of kits which I grew to love very much 😀

For all Sangokuden kits, they come with the same main frame. Though articulations are limited they are chocked full of details!!

The Sazabi backpack with thrusters.

Lots of nice details pack in one tiny package…

The main fun of Sangokuden SDs are their various armors and weapons which you can switch around to your liking. This is Sazabi’s first form.

But when it comes to painting….they will require a hell of a time…this is one masking hell ahead lol!!

Switch around some of the parts you’ll get Sazabi’s nightingale form 😀

His second balade reminds me of Zengar’s zankantou 😀 (check out bd’s short review about that ^^)

And it can combine with his other weapon to form a long spear 😀

Gwad I love this sword…

I got this kit for about $11 from the fair ^^. And if you have lots of kits from this series, you can always do a kit bash of sorts. I tried one here last year but its just a concept and another long list of wips lol…

And one other thing about SDs and nendos….they fit really nicely….

Yoko gets an armor upgrade!!!

Till the next post!


53 thoughts on “SD Tenshishio Sazabi

    • Oh recently I switched all my shoots to using manual instead of aperature priority 😀 Also I sharpen a bit via photoscape too ^^

      Haha no money to get new camera man. But I am very happy with my current one!

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    • Ah definitely will need painting man 😀 By default they look too shiny!! I did handpaint a few last year but they do take a lot of time to get painted.

  2. I have never been an SD fan, thus never post them on my site.

    But I am warming up to them. One of these days I wll try one. It seems like a good challenge to paint them.

    • Actually I was like you once but one day when i bought one from this series for my cousin’s birthday, I ended up getting the same one the very next day. But indeed its a challenge to paint one accurately to their color scheme!

  3. I’ve thought of buying one of these strange looking kits but the thought of all that fine details and painting keeps a lazy guy like me away. Nice combo with Yoko! 😀

    • Actually you can gundam markers in combination with their stickers to make it less painful haha!!! But of course it won’t be as nice fully painted.

      Hehe inspired by BD’s very own version of yoko Sazabi 😀 Now I have my mini version!!

  4. Whoa whoa wait, you can do that with Nendo heads? Chubbs, imagine the possibilities! You could introduce a whole new powerup system in your Nendo storyline!

    I’m kind of kidding, but that’d actually be very interesting to see o.o

    • I saw one of my reader’s post where he did the same thing with his yoko 😀 all you have to do is remove some pegs and a bit of blue tag will do the trick!

      Whoa….imagine if eins, mari…all got their power ups….buhahaha all the new stories I can mash up with!!! It will be quite fun to do something like that!! Interesting hmm…*jots down all the possible combinations….SD Yoko Sazabi, Gunner Zaku Mari…

    • Haha its hard man….cute will always be cute…no matter what situation or body they are in lol!!!

      Actually below the nendo’s head you can take out the peg (but gently of course) and insert into the SDs peg with a bit of blue tag. But the articulation will be quite limited for yoko due to her two front hair’s sticking out. ^^

  5. That’s fast, you really cant wait to build this hahaha

    Hm….now I notice small small details on the armor, very nice. But yes, very hard to paint XD

    SD yoko sazabi = CUTE!
    dont tell me rocklee paid a visit to bd’s yoko and this happened…..

  6. Hehe kawaii right SD yoko Sazabi 😀 Nah rocklee is kinda MIA at the moment…maybe off to get moar stuff ^^ Now bd’s yoko is the big sister version.

    The are highly detailed for such small kits. Give one of them a try and you might like em hehe…or maybe an SD drossel custom hahah!!

  7. Nice idea to swap head with Nendo to get a mecha-musume. Never knew a Nendo can fit so perfectly with an SD kit, but now i know.

    By the way how much cheaper are the SD kits going for as compared to HAG prices? I am trying to fight back the urge for my gunpla-addict. ^^’ And any regular SDs going for sale as well?

    • haha you saw if first here on the toy room 😀 Oh so you collect Nendo’s too ?

      Ah the Sazabi at HAG was selling at $12 in the fair they are selling at $11. But for the older kits they are going for about $9 plus plus if you are interested. But sadly the fair is mainly Sangokuden kits so no other kits other than the clear version of SD and HG 00 vs Exia repair.

      I was expecting a few unicorn kits too but lol….looks like its another trip to HAG 😀 I lost the battle that day ….back to my increase backlog mode lol!!

      • Yup, I’ve been interested in Nendo for quite a while but yet to acquire one. I was planning a Nendo Saber initially but after seeing the price tag of $60++, it sort of put me off, since I could buy a few SDs for that same price, so I’m shelving it as a wishlist for the moment.

        I’m very tempted to get a few more Sangokuden kits for more conversion projects like the SD Blue-Destiny that I’m attempted last year. At the moment, I have 2 other Sangokuden conversion projects on hold, so I’m hesitating if I would be a wise decision to do so since it will potentially add on to my ever-growing backlog, which I can’t bear to look at. The truth is, I’m been thinking if I should ditch everything and focus on SD instead, which was how I started in the beginning.

  8. new SD kits! the detail on this guy is amazing, the weaps alone are bad ass lol very Zengar like indeed!

    little Yoko is a force to be reckoned with! long lost little sister of bd’s Yoko? wheres her pet tenti Lol

    • Well I can have yoko do a daizengar move in my stories 😀 Hmm…maybe I should play around with blue tack when I get back lol 😀

      haven’t seen you in a while man! Where have you been ^^ Waiting patiently for your comments!

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