Sangokuden Fair at Yishun Northpoint

A special thanks to Leon from Open the Toy who provided this timely poisoning little fair in Yishun Northpoint. Sadly I wasn’t able to reach earlier to meet up with Leon but I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities ahead 😀 Of course I didn’t quite go back empty handed 😀 haha!!

I got the new version of Lu Bu, this cool looking tiger and an upgraded Simiyi 😀 Not only I got them at a good price, but they came with tons of freebies like that cool stickers (probably pass them to my cousins ^^) and 5 cool looking clear weapons for every $10 spend!

And lucky me, I got all 5 different set of weapons! Hows that for luck ^^

Now I did not take any pictures of the kits on display as they were already displayed last year during the Gundam fiesta 😀 Initially I didn’t want to get any kits but the freebies and good price were just too tempting….talk about eating my own words of not going back to SD kits….lol….

Also…I couldn’t resist opening up and snap fitting the Nightingale Sazabi 😀

Till the next loot!!!


51 thoughts on “Sangokuden Fair at Yishun Northpoint

    • Yep they are the same ones 😀 I quite like the clear orange color and really cool weapon designs!!!

      Tsk tsk now don’t get violent over my loots….points to faddy’s recent loot post….

  1. SD was always too ridiculous for my liking. I guess I’m just too srs for them. They just don’t look menacing or respectable enough. I wouldn’t entrust protecting a shoebox to them, much less the world.
    For once in my life, I’ll say this: maybe if their eyes were smaller, and their bodies more proportionate.

    • Ah I remember you only buy the main mechs right 😀 By the what is srs??

      Oh actually proportion wise with a bit of a minor tweak they will look good for this series 😀 In fact among all the SDs release I prefer this series ^^ Its not possible to like everything bandai releases haha so each toy will have their own appeal to each collector!

      • srs=serious ^^
        well, kinda serious, but not that serious… Like, the type of seriousness that you’d laugh at >.>
        And you’re right, of course. I wasn’t trying to like everything they had. I’m very far from being able to do half that.

  2. You got Gundam Fiesta in your area?

    really good, because Gundam is not really loved here, we only have Toys Fair tomorrow, but many people said gunpla is only a minor, while most of the fair is for western figures…

      • Wah Thank you! I will go down tomorrow to demand for one when I get something there. LOL

        Don’t missed out the markers, there are quite cheap there as well. 😀

        • haha no problem man 😀 Ah they are actually selling the new gundam markers, gilttering effect type ^^ Hmm maybe saturday go for more loots haha…..i got there about 8.30 plus last night lol…so just grab what I want first 😀

  3. You got Lu Bu already o_0 damn luckiness,Im still waiting for that guy in the locals, and SD nightingale looks good.You should have bought the horse, then there would be one moar weapon in you stash…

    • Haha well Lu Bu is a good get 😀 Moar articulations, more uber details are good in my books ^^

      Hmm not really a fan of their horses though…kinda too big…or maybe I should replace it with unicorn SD haha!!

  4. Wow, so you went there already! I really want those limited weapons thingies, they look really cool!
    Anyway, did you see any SD clear set of the O Gundam and R2 left there? That box set is really tempting! ^^

  5. Why yishun… far from my place >.<

    so lucky you got all the different weapons set, good karma 😀

    more sangokuden for chubbs, more backlog, hahah!
    wow so they already released nightingale for sangokuden, waiting for the hguc!

    • Haha well you can take the train down 😀 probably an hour to get there ^^;; Indeed, very lucky with the weapon set!! No duplicates!

      Keeping my fingers cross if they do release that HGUC version!!

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