A little Nendo Jingle…

Haha found this really cute video of Hastune miku and her fellow vocaloids singing Jingle bells in Thai 😀 I think this is too good not to share haha!!! Press for extreme Nendo poisoning!!! Man makes we want to do one stop motion like that too!!!

Till the next post!

30 thoughts on “A little Nendo Jingle…

    • Haha well I think this particular video made them extra cute 😀 Especially the drummer!!

      Nah not this tako mate haha!

  1. There’s so many awesome miku song video and animation like this and i always want to see more and more.
    It’s always so cute and charming, i can’t believe what Miku has become in such a short period of time.
    You were inspired to share this, thanks ^^

    • Well most of the videos I have seen so far are really very cute and crazy stuff like dancing and singing. This is very first video that I saw in Thai and I love seeing other people’s interpretation of such a cute character 😀 Actually when I first collected nendos I didn’t realize how popular Miku was.

      Haha love bringing more of such little packets of cuteness(or poison) to you guys 😀

    • Haha glad you like it 😀 Like i mention to kastura this was a first video that I saw in Thai on Nendoroids and with all the cuteness factor up to the max!!

    • ARgh should have put a bigger warning sign…sorry man, no antidotes for this!!!! Maybe we should start chewing leeks haha!!!

    • Ah i saw Miku but the regular one at dhouby ghuat. One of the toy shops at the top level 😀 The other one is actually the drummer that you see in this video 😀

    • Haha omg…give in to my passions…its tempting to do something like that but….man my tons of backlogs lol…

      Maybe a shorter version 😀

  2. ahahaha.. nendos..

    btw I never knew that wordpress do post some other link that is “somehow” related (I saw at Marzz or Faddy, or even divine.. I forgot haha..)
    but your’s really weird chubbs..

    in this nendo’s related post I found this..

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)
    – Gundam vs Gundam !!!


    • haha cute aren’t they 😀 OMg…i just check lol…. that is the weirdest link possible and my title has no link or whatsoever to gundam…

      Maybe i should repost as nendo vs nendo lol!!!!

  3. ahhh, high poison level. Especially the drummer.
    have to close this tab quickly 😀

    haha, chubb is tempted to stop motion again.

    • Haha watch again and be poisoned again and again by Miku’s mighty leek!!!

      Well hopefully after my wedding in May might I have the time to do something like that!!! Wanna help haha!!

    • Haha crazy cool right 😀 And the tune is quite catchy with Miku and gangs’ movement ^^ Don’t you just love seeing your little toys in action like that!

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