Seravee WIP 4

Some updates on my this uber slow build of Seravee and Seraphim Gundam..and a little change to my scratch build sword…..

Finished sanding all of the seamlines and parts. Now added the additional plating on the shoulder armor using the excess skirt armor.

Also finished sanding seraphim….finally…2 weeks of on and off sanding lol…also I reworked the sword. I realized how sucky I am when it comes to cutting pla plates, even harder to get them to look the same lol!! So instead I change my dual blades to something similar to Exia.

Introducing GN Scissors mark 1 lol! (Wait till I come up with a better name…) This is mainly the frame from my previous swords but with some tweaks. Also one thing I learn is to get the main frame done first like what ZD’s does with his scratch build projects and then add on layer by layer to give the scratch build its intended meat 😀

Rezel I am gonna cut that thing between your legs off….

Thats all for this short update ^^ Gonna be another long work on the sword again…patience patience…

Till the next post!


38 thoughts on “Seravee WIP 4

  1. LOL, cut rezel’s thing…

    If it’s scissors, why not make it like arios’ or wildwurger’s, I mean it’s mounted on the arms

    you can also do a rider sting with the scissors closed ^^

    • Ah thats a fantastic idea 😀 I’ll see how I incorporate that in!! I was thinking closer to Arios version. Never occur to me about Wildwurger’s version^^

      My idea is more like a stabbing equipment for Seraphim instead of a slashing. Most of the time Seravee will be locking down the target and all Seraphim needs to do is a good stab and cut ^^

    • Ah they have been crying out to be build for a long time 😀 Actually for both virtue and seravee I quite like the idea of 2 mechs in one. But I prefer Seravee’s concept, at least I can have 2 mechs to play with ^^

    • Actually I didn’t really neglect them, just that I had to sand all of the parts first before laying down the pla plate ^^ And that took a fair bit of time to get done…

      As for the other backlogs….

      Seraphim : Shows scissors

      Other backlogs : Run!!!!

    • Heh thanks 😀 I am sorry not much exciting mods as of yet. Have only been sanding them to lay down the pla plates. Gonna concentrate on that sword for the next few days to get it done first!!

  2. sanding 2 weeks O_O;; what kind of build style you use actually
    anyway where you got that white parts in seravve shoulder ??

  3. Thats freaking Genius, put the neglected side skirt parts on top, now it looks more tankier than it is now^^, thouh I hate to see inner gaps.

    Scissors weapons, Man I havent seen that kind of weapon since kyrios died. Can I ask, how’d you made a joint for the scissors, like what drill and peg size.

  4. Haha well i do have something installed for those gaps ^^, will be working on that with the swords, hopefully I can pull that off!!

    Ah I took a left over sprue, two rectangular pla plates, the blade and drilled with a 2.5 mm drill and just slot them in to make the joint. I took a few pictures with the drill. Will upload them for the next wip ^^

    • Woah thanks man!! Still trying to come up with a better name instead of scissors though haha…still don’t sound cool enough 😀

  5. Scissors are always a badass weapon. Badassness is at times in direct inverse proportion to practicality.
    ‘That thing between ReZEL’s legs’ is a perfectly exploitable running gag. You can have your nendos trip over it or something 😀

    • Haha so true about badassness being inversely proportional to practical uses 😀 Looks at G gundam bare glowing hands, SRW granzon’s black hole cannons…

      Ah, you just gave me a few ideas on that thing between haha!!! Hmm tripping sounds fun haha…or maybe an accidental snip….opps…

  6. Skratch build sword…. amazing… can you do one for me? I buy it from you the next time we meet… hehehehe

    I wonder if we can do something like “skratch build sexual organs” for our Gundam hehehehe…

    • David, lol for you I do free with your this comment!! Very touch that you want to buy even though its just a prototype!!

      Hmm sexual organs will be kinda hard though…..stares at rezel’s betweens….

    • Oh like Evagelion’s longinus spear!!! That was one bad ass weapon. Able to break fields in an instant, haha thanks!! glad you like this build 😀

    • lol i can’t imagine what Ian will turn up with after he goes through with this 😀 and i’ll die laughing if i see setsuna using this weapon haha!!

  7. GN scissors! :O very original Chubbs! What color scheme do you have planned for this baby? I think something that contrasts with the black seravee would be good. 🙂

    • I was thinking of navy blue for the body and silver for the blades to match the add on parts in seravee 😀 Haha i think somehow my own cutter is glowing with green….lol….must stop imagining things man…

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