Excel Strike Art

A big thanks to Mathai for sharing this really crazy video of Strike Gundam art completely done in excel. Always thought you required really expensive software to do something like that but this video proved otherwise….


39 thoughts on “Excel Strike Art

  1. Ahh… The drawing toolbar in Office.
    Question is, why Excel and not Word or Powerpoint?
    Answer: Excel gives one a BIG drawing area.

    tip: you also do the same in Powerpoint, but in a smaller scale.

    • Hmm Excel has a kind of infinite canvas if you think about it 😀 But it will be harder to do on a smaller scale especially the details!!

    • Just as chub has said it – excel has an (almost) infinite canvas for you to draw on. And as you can see in the video there – the drawer has all the cells fixed into square shapes like grids. This will help him to draw things in proportion etc easier I suppose too.

  2. i think i better go buy a model and build one rather than even attempting to copy what i just saw which is soooo uhhhhsome=) if i attempt sure fail hahaha i have no skill in drawing what more doing that in MS excel=p

  3. wow, first time I saw a painting done in excel!
    Thumbs up for this!!

    Actually it’s like drawing a shape and fill in color. That’s the basic. But he did this in excel and without a blueprint….o.O

    • Actually I am very amazed at how he manages to get all the parts scale and aligned correctly without as much as a blueprint of sorts…..its not like in photoshop where you can do that much easily…

      But if I have his skill can use excel draw out the intended mods first lol 😀

    • Haha looks like I am late to the party then! But still even watching it again I am still very impressed but what he did. What I find that really made it more impressive like you said was that he used the ordinary microsoft excel to do such a fantastic art work. I am testing out using excel to draw out scratch build weapons for a start 😀 See how it goes for here ^^

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