Another New Nendo?

Wait…last week I just got Yoko and now another one!!! Eins finds out first hand..

Its a predator???

With great speed it closes in on Eins..

But the predator finds himself equally matched…

And something happens…the predator pauses….

Eins : Looks like we can hunt together….

Predator : grrr…

Killer and hunter……looks like Eins has a new partner!!

Well that raps up my little unusual loot this week haha!! I just couldn’t resist a chibi version of predator….now I am tempted to get the Alien versions like the ones in Jojoshochi’s post!! For a price of $15 dollars this is really value for money. Super detailed, nice articulation and very awesome weapons 😀

Oh did I mention it even comes with a Suriken 😀

Till the next hunt!!!

60 thoughts on “Another New Nendo?

    • Haha actually there is the chibi version 😀 much better looking ^^

      Lol predator vs ugly dolls…what are u thinking 😀

    • Hehe the ultimate hunter and killer pairing 😀 Yoko now needs a new partner for the night ^^

      It isn’t that ‘safe’ around the night anymore ^^

  1. OMG!!!Where you get that!! i wanT!!!! got whole set??AHHHHHHH!! last time i only get the alien at CSC, other already sold out. let me know if still have stock.

    • Ah I found this at Simply Toys

      but its at their branch in Dhouby Ghaut. It comes in those sealed package so you won’t know what ya getting. I saw like 6 boxes there still. Hope it helps man 😀

      haha so I found another AVP lover 😀

    • hAHA opps slip of the hand 😀 Okay so Johnny it is ^^

      Actually I was kinda hoping I get the Alien or Predalien 😀 They look so good!

  2. Oh the chibi predator. I remember seeing an alien one from a shop who I frequent often back in Hong Kong. It’s one of those shokugan “blind box/candy toy” trading figures isn’t it?

    Didn’t know they actually go quite well with nendoroids XD

    • Ah yes its one of those blind box 😀 but candies not included haha!! Yep they go pretty well with nendos 😀 Almost the same height ^^

      Heh wanna exchange links 😀 Good to find another 1/144 collector too!

  3. Cosbaby predator. I thought Predator didn’t kill or attack her because predator discover she is a woman and thus not worth for predator to kill. LOL

    • Haha omg!! Almost forgot about predator’s pride 😀 It doesn’t kill the weak!!!

      Haha but heh it Eins we are talking about here, I was thinking more like the predator respects her skill and strength like in AVP1.

    • Haha my first time buying this type so not too sure. If I know its such a fun figurine i’ll would have bought a few more 😀

      Maybe head down there again tonight buahhaha!!

    • Haha i’ll try to get the alien one too when I pass by the shop again ^^ Hell I’ll get 2 if they have it haha 😀

      Really match the nendos scale ^^

    • Chiaki is hiding along with the rest!! No toy is safe at night now lol!!!

      Wait don’t tell me you have a soft spot for chiaki hehe 😀

  4. Love! Really too cute this chibi predator! I didn’t knew it existed. Moreover truly it fits perfectly for your little stories.;)
    Really a good buy… except for your kind nendos who are now with 2 “monsters” honing in the house… ^^ 😀

    • Haha very hard to pass this chibi predator up 😀 Wait till I get the alien version! They sit really perfectly with my other nendos 😀 Some how its funny seeing such a deadly assassin nendofied (and getting kick by a certain someone lol…)

      I do have yoko and maritan around so its still….. safe at the moment 😀

    • Ah she comes with her own gun actually 😀 Hmm lol, don’t think i have both the budget and space to get everything!! But nendo king sounds nice 😛

  5. Wait, isn’t this a huge boost to Eins’ war effort? I don’t see Yoko or even Maritan dealing with cloaking and giant shurikens that cut people apart…
    This reminded me of Gilgamesh’s epic for some reason though. One man setting out to destroy the other, no reason for either to like one another, yet for some reason fighting for days on end suddenly made them best friends.

    • Haha indeed is a big boost to her war chest 😀 The kitchen is kinda of like her territory now and even more so with the predator XD. Maritan and Yoko will definitely need some reinforcements to deal with the new threat!

      Ah I was thinking more in terms of G gundam, where the fighters’ thoughts and will are passed through the exchange of fists!!!

  6. Sweeeeeeeet 😀
    A challenger has appeared !! It’s very cute, love it even if i’m not a really big fan of the character itself.
    Your other nendos must be really scared to face such a duo. Run for your life !!!

    • Ah I think that predator will fall under the ugly but cute category in this form 😀

      haha a challenger has appeared! Sounds like a video game like street fighter..round one fighto!! Haven’t thought of a story yet for these 2 to meet my other characters though!!

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